Made For Life: Behind The Scenes With Spiezia Organics

May I invite you for a moment to venture back to the coast of Cornwall with me. Yes you thought we had left those shores behind but I wanted to share with you one more lovely experience! As well as offer a little review of some beautiful organic skincare products produced by local business Spiezia Organics based in Truro, Cornwall and talk a little bit about their fabulous Made For Life Foundation.

Spiezia Organics

I was lucky to have the chance to have a little peep behind the scenes at Spiezia HQ during our visit to Cornwall back in May. Here I learnt a little more about how they make their beautiful organic products and what they get up to behind the scenes.

These past few weeks I've been trying out a couple of their skincare products that they kindly gifted to me during my visit. With all of that under my belt I feel it's time to share a little more with you here on the blog as well as impart my thoughts on the products that I got to test out. So without further ado...

Spiezia Organics

Spiezia Organics are based at the Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre in Truro and it's from here that they make, market and sell all of their products. They also have a set of treatment rooms from which they are able to offer wellbeing treatments and advice to people suffering with cancer as part of the Made For Life Foundation. Being situated so close to the local hospital enables them to offer this exceptional service to patients who can head over and receive much needed treatment, pampering and support as part of their care and recovery.

The products are all completely natural with no parabens, chemicals or additives and are ideal for offering such a service, beautifully handmade to high standards on site. Cruelty free and ethically sourced, these products truly are a treat for your skin and mean that you won't be adding any unnecessary nasties to your face or body when you use them. Making you feel gorgeous from the outside whilst not doing any untold damage to the inside. Plus they are available from a number of online and national stockists so you don't need to venture to Cornwall to get your hands on them!

Spiezia Organics

Onsite at the wellbeing centre they lovingly infuse organic herbs and flowers in oil as part of the onsite maceration process (pictured above). Using the natural solar and lunar energy harnessed by the lovely bright and airy rooms in which they are situated, this 28 day process creates the starting blocks for these beautifully scented, natural products. At the end of this process the mixture is cold pressed to extract the lovely, final scented oil which is then bottled and stored in a dark room awaiting use in one of their beautiful products.

Everything is stored onsite, packaged and shipped to stockists and spas both nationally and internationally. I loved seeing how hands on the process and the team are in making the magic of these products happen. It really is a process of love and belief in providing a quality and caring product and sending it out to the world to be loved and enjoyed.

Spiezia Organics
Spiezia Organics Facial Cleanser

So to my thoughts on the products themselves having used them daily for nearly a month now. I've been happily trying out the Facial Cleanser* and the Rose and Vanilla Face Oil*.

Spiezia Organics Facial Cleaner

The cleanser is really very lovely. It smells divine and is one of those products that you look forward to using. A smooth but waxy like oil texture, this product is so gentle that even though it has essential oils in and you feel you may not be able to use it on your eyes to remove makeup you absolutely can. It doesn't do anything to irritate and only soothes and calms, leaving your face feeling smooth and soft. Safe to say I really love this!

If you're wearing a large amount of makeup then you probably will need to use the toner afterwards, as recommended, to remove those last few traces. It's very effective but after a night out with a little more eye makeup on than usual I needed something a little extra to remove those last few traces of eyeliner and mascara. Even so I would still use it in the initial cleansing part of my skincare routine and just follow up with a toner to achieve the full and final cleansed affect.

This is ideal for daily use in a healthy skincare routine. 

Spiezia Organics Facial Oil

The facial oil is recommended for use as a daily moisturiser and I can see it working that way if you don't wear that much makeup. I loved it but found it a little too much for daily, morning use. Oils don't always like my skin that much anyway so in that respect, as facial oils go this one went down very well with my temperamental face! I personally prefer to use this before bed as part of my evening routine and find that by the morning it has absorbed leaving my skin feeling nurtured and fresh. 

I also really love the smell of this and find it very relaxing so it's the perfect bedtime accompaniment as far as I'm concerned. It's not sweet and sickly as you might imagine for a product with vanilla in, I personally don't like overly vanilla scented products that much but I really enjoy using this as it is instead a very subtle blend. A lovely partner to the cleanser, both products smell divine and work incredibly effectively.

Spiezia Organics Facial Oil

For those of you who are fans of organic and natural skincare then you may very well want to give these beautiful products a go. They work beautifully, smell divine and look pretty snazzy on your shelf as well. I love the ethos behind the brand and the work that they do and was honoured to have the chance to learn more and share with you today.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more and coming on my Spiezia journey with me and have a very Happy Wednesday all!