The Great Gadget Clean Up: Cyber Clean Review

Recently and to my great surprise, I've kind of been enjoying watching Channel 4's Gadget Man! I'm not hugely into gadgets and technology, not enough to seek out TV shows and reviews on a regular basis, however the last couple of episodes have been office related and have lead me to make a couple of particularly useful purchases for cleaning and freshening up all of the gadget and computer delights that we all seem to have lying around everywhere these days. So if your keyboard is a little grimy and your touch screen is in need of a clean then listen up to today's Cyber Clean review.

Cyber Clean

The Cyber Clean range offer a selection of products designed to help with home and office cleaning. In particular I wanted to try out the touch screen cleaning pen as well as the putty that promises to effectively remove dirt from those difficult to reach places on your computer keyboards. Unfortunately I couldn't get onto the Cyber Clean UK site as recommended on the programme no matter how hard or on what device I tried, so I hunted down similar alternatives on, well yes you guessed it, Amazon. 

So let's begin with a look at the Cyber Clean Stylus Cleaning Pen. Designed to clean up your finger printed, sticky touch screens this comes in handy for all devices, phones, tablets, laptops and main computer screens. I even used this on the touch screen on my camera.

It's basically a small pen like product with a spongy cleaning side, a spray head and a stylus function that you actually use with your touch screen instead of your finger. It comes with 3 refills of antiseptic cleaning solution that you can easily insert into the pen, plus is already full and ready to go. You also get a clip with which to attach it to your gadget, although I'm not sure I will actually use that.

Cyber Clean Stylus Pro

This is my favourite of the two products. Really easy to use and very effective. You just spray onto the screen and then use the sponge side to wipe clean the surface. It doesn't smear at all, which is a problem I've always had in the past, and it does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak. I thought at first that the £10 price tag (plus postage) seemed a little steep but having been so pleased with it and how easy and affective it was, plus given that you get 3 refills, I think it's worth the money. If you suffer with sticky, smeary screens then this is something well worth adding to your desk drawer for those moments when you're in need of a little spring clean.

Cyber Clean Stylus Pro
Cyber Clean Stylus Demonstration.jpg
Cyber Clean Stylus Pro Refills

I also purchased the Cyber Clean Cleaning Compound to tidy up my laptop and main computer keyboards that were looking a little worse for wear. This can also be used for various other things including ventilation grills, remote controls, crumb ridden hard to get areas in your car - all sorts.

It's basically a maleable gel like putty (mine smells very nice and minty, bonus!) that you can use to pull out all those tricky bits of dust, pet hair, crisp crumbs or whatever else you may have going on in your office. The gel like formula allows it to penetrate the little teeny crevices and all the little nasties stick to it and get removed. It's not horribly sticky though, just enough to pick things up without leaving anything behind.

I found this pretty effective and it definitely did pull out the surface dust and niggly particles hanging around on my keyboard. For around £6 it's not a bad purchase and is totally reusable so it will certainly get a good innings! I think the stylus is my favourite but this comes a close second and is more effective than the usual duster and frustration technique that I frequently applied before buying this product.

Cyber Clean Putty Cleaning Compound.jpg

If you've been looking for some office gadget cleaning solutions then I think you'll find the Cyber Clean range pretty useful. These products would definitely be useful for people sharing laptops and hot-desking at work especially if there's an office bug going around. Or if you're heading into a presentation and want to smarten up your equipment then whip these little beauties out for a quick swipe and you'll be golden! Plus those of you with young children, with sticky hands, that share your gadgets will, I'm sure find the stylus particularly useful.

Cyber clean also do a number of other bits and bobs that I might well try in the future. For now I'm happily typing away on a clean keyboard with a shiny screen and that's enough for me on the gadget front this month!

I hope you find this helpful and have a great weekend everyone.