Faith In Nature Coconut Skincare Review

So right now I'm probably lost in a field somewhere, possibly stuck in the mud, but hopefully having a good time at the wonder that is Glastonbury Festival - more about that and some festival photos and tips next week. However in my absence, today I wanted to share with you a review of some summery, coco-nutty loveliness that I've recently been testing out for the purpose of a review here on the blog.

Faith In Nature Review

You may have noticed my current penchant for organic products in recent blog posts. I don't primarily use organic skin and body care, but just like my food choices of late, I've started to seek out products that will do me good both on the out and the inside. When Faith In Nature asked me to review two of their products I was especially keen because of the far more purse friendly price points than some other brands that you come across in this line of beauty.

Faith In Nature Shower Gel

I chose to review the Coconut Shower Gel and Foam Bath* and Coconut Body Lotion* because frankly I love coconut and felt it would be a great summer option that is a little different from the usual sweet smelling floral or citrus fragrances on the market.

I've completely fallen in love with the shower gel. It's refreshing and has a really natural fragrance that actually smells like coconut! This comes in a very decent sized 400ml bottle, is easy to use and at £5.60 is definitely something I would re-purchase and keep in my shower as a great all rounder. It refreshes and cleans in equal measure, isn't drying or too astringent and it's nice to know that you're using something natural and healthy on your body.

Faith In Nature Coconut Body Lotion

The body lotion is a really lovely product too. It ticks the boxes for me in terms of the lightness of the texture. I hate anything that's too heavy and takes forever to soak in. Equally I can't be doing with products that are so light they don't have an effective enough moisturising result on dry skin. This product is perfect in terms of application and skincare pay off and I really love it for that reason. 

The only slight problem I had with this is that although the initial coconut fragrance is spot on and very lovely, after soaking into the skin it smells a little odd - well on my skin at least. Not horrible but not as nice and coco-nutty and fresh as I would like it to be. Having said that I would certainly buy this product again but I would probably give one of the other scents a go, Lavender perhaps.

I appreciate though that scent is a tricky one. It's very subjective and things can smell so different on different peoples skin. I'm still enjoying using this product and again think it's a good value for money skincare option. I would just personally try something different the next time around. 


All in all I have been very pleasantly surprised by the Faith In Nature selection. Having a look on their website I can see that they offer a number of different fragrances, skincare, body care and haircare options to try out and will certainly consider adding more items to my repertoire from this brand in the future.

Do any of these products appeal to you? Have you tried anything from this line that you would recommend? Let me know what you think and I hope to see you again very soon here on the blog. Have a great weekend all.