The Big Bang Internship Awards 2015: Where Creativity Begins


Today I wanted to share with you some exciting news about a new Internship Award launching this summer on the 1st of July. 

The Big Bang Internship Awards.

Now if you're creatively minded and looking to gain absolutely invaluable experience in a leading London Creative Advertising Agency, or if you know someone who is, then this post is definitely one for you. No matter what your previous background or experience, this could be the challenge that you've been looking for. Sound good? Read on ...

Big Bang Internship Awards 2015

Now first just a quick disclaimer but one I hope won't affect your enjoyment of this post as it really has no bearing on it. This is a new scheme that has been created and set up by the team at my husbands company Daniel Marks London who are specialist Headhunters in the Creative Agency and Advertising arena. With clients that range from global agencies within WPP, Omnicom and Publicis to smaller Independent Creative Agencies they are well placed to support such a scheme and to get the right expertise on board. I wanted to bring this to you today given the educational and careers nature and the fact that I just think it's a truly brilliant idea, no bias just real excitement for the potential entrants!

Designed to nuture and bring on board new creative talent wishing to get a foothold in the world of advertising this is a compelling new initiative to help people find an inroad into a competitive and challenging world, a world where it can be tricky to get noticed and truly make your mark.

In essence, all applicants to the scheme must answer a Creative Brief. Then, after initial submissions from the 1st of July to the 21st of August a shortlist of the best 50 entries will be selected and a panel of 10 Judges, all Executive Creative Directors from Creative Agencies, will review them with a view to offering 6 week Internships to the applicants that they see potential in. Up to twenty places could be up for grabs and this could well lead to a formal job offer and at the very least will be a great experience and opportunity to learn more about how the creative industry works from the inside. 

It’s also worth noting that all applicants who make a considered effort in their creative submissions will be invited to attend a free seminar, where Team Daniel Marks will be presenting alongside industry figureheads, on ways to find work in the creative advertising sector, initiatives to get a head start within the industry and offering general recruitment advice and career guidance on the day. Held at a venue in London with the details sent to all applicants who entered after the results are in, this will be a great learning and assistance tool to all who choose to take part. A great added incentive as everyone will have an opportunity to get something from participation in the awards be that from the specialist team at Daniel Marks London, or from an industry perspective with key figures from leading agencies.

Big Bang Internship Awards 2015

So how can you get involved? Well as mentioned submission opens from the 1st of July. For other key dates in the process please review the details provided in the brief. Take a look to see what is required for entry and get your creative thinking caps on now!

BRIEF: Download the full brief here: The Big Bang Awards

SUBMISSION: Submit your completed work and application to:

Wishing you all the very best of luck and if you know someone else who may be interested then share the love and get them involved as well! If you have any questions ahead of your submission you can Tweet the team @teamdanielmarks using #BigBang2015 or drop them an email to    

Happy Wednesday all.