Learn Something New Before Work: Eventbrite Summer School

Phew what a hot and sunny day it is in the City of London today!

For those of you working in the city or indeed heading in that direction, then you may want to take advantage of the early morning coolness of this sunny climate and get yourself along to one of the fabulous Eventbrite Summer School events happening over this shiny new month of July. Let me explain a little more here on the blog today.

Make a Flower Crown with Rose & Wolf

Make a Flower Crown with Rose & Wolf

For people unfamiliar with Eventbrite themselves, they are a fantastic online website that anyone can register to use and find new and exciting events taking place in their area. Or indeed you can use the site to promote your own event and manage the ticketing and registration process.

It's event management made simple and I personally love using this site because it's where I find all sorts of inspiration in all sorts of places for fun, educational and interesting things to do and get involved in. From completely free events and taster classes to more involved paid weekends full of festival fun, learning and anything else that you can possibly think of in between. Many organisations and companies from the big to the small are now using this online service to get their event out there to the right audience in a timely and well organised, useful manner. 

Learn to meditate with Emma Mills London

Learn to meditate with Emma Mills London

Every now and then Eventbrite themselves put together a programme of events and encourage people to go along, get involved and learn something new. The July summer school that kicked off today is no exception and across the rest of this month anyone interested in taking part will be able to book themselves a spot to pop along and participate in a range of very varied activities before they head out to work (or indeed play) that day.

Do you fancy a little morning meditation? Want to know how to make your own floral crown for an upcoming summer festival? Or do you desperately need some expert advice on how to maintain your bike so that you can make the most out of your passion for cycling this summer? Well this programme has something unique to offer pretty much everyones needs.

I love the idea of squeezing in a little something extra before your working day starts. Whether that be something stimulating, relaxing or educational there are many things that you can choose from. With prices ranging from absolutely free to around the £5-6 mark you can be sure of injecting a little fun into your day without breaking the bank. Plus with these bright and early summer mornings why not get out of the door a little earlier, make your way along to an event and make the most of the summer weather whilst socialising with some new friends or just having fun with your current work colleagues.

To find out more and reserve your space take a look at the listing page: Eventbrite Summer School and if you find yourself heading along and learning how to play the ukulele, trying your hand at latte art or brushing up on your language skills then be sure to let me know and share your fun and photos!

Happy 1st of July everyone, keep safe and happy in this heat and see you again very soon.