Summer Healing: Revive And Get Moving

When it comes to facing the perils of a morning hangover following one too many enthusiastic tipples in the summer temptation of the pub beer garden the night before, it's something of a myth that heading to the gym and sweating it out will help you to recover quicker.

The truth is that heading off for a hard hitting work out, if you're actually brave enough to do so, is not a very helpful solution. In fact it can potentially do you more harm and lead to even greater dehydration, worsening your symptoms in the longer term. It's the rush of endorphins that trick you into thinking that you feel better in the short term. The good news for the non gym fans is that you're actually far better relaxing and sleeping it off than punishing yourself with an intense workout! Learn more with this article here: Hangover Cures That Really Work (And The Ones That Don't) from

Reviving Yoga

However if and when you feel ready to move and if you feel the need to get your body up and functioning to release some of those nasty toxins then a little spot of stretching in the form of a light yoga workout can do you the world of good. Well it works well for me! So I thought I'd share some of my favourite yoga videos that can help you put the pieces back to together if you've just pushed things a little too far.

I also recommend checking out these channels for general yoga loveliness to help keep you feeling relaxed and calm over the summer period. Just make sure when working out at home that you take care of yourself and if you have any particular injuries or physical complaints then always check with your GP before taking part in such an activity. Yoga is fantastic for healing but only if it's completed correctly so please do be careful.

My first pick is the lovely Adriene and her super relaxing and not too challenging Yoga For Hangovers

This series of slow relaxing movements, combined with the suggestion of using essential oils such as peppermint and lavender as you complete the exercises to help soothe your head, is a real winner. You can get as involved or stay as still as you wish! Adriene encourages you to unwind, not beat yourself up for having one too many and just find a comfortable place and level at which you feel able to start to heal. I love this video, in fact I love all of her videos and whether you're new to yoga or an experienced yogi you'll find something to suit all needs in the huge selection of workouts that she has on her channel: Yoga With Adriene

My second pick is this shorter but slightly more intense Detox Yoga Hangover Workout from Popsugar Fitness. Half the running time of the video above but requiring more strength and a little less relaxing. This is still a great workout to help bust out some of those toxins, stretch yourself out and revive the body. If you're feeling strong and really want to wake up the body then this is the pick for you!

My third and final pick is this Hangover Recovery video from Tara Stiles. This short clip, less than five minutes, talks you through a specific set of yoga poses that will help bring out those toxins and detoxify your liver. This is a great video to help you to learn which poses are most helpful so that you can use them in your own time, as and when you may need them, rather than having to follow along with a specific set routine if that's not really your thing.

So I hope this little selection comes in useful. Like I said at the start, this isn't about going for the burn, instead it's looking for something relaxing but stimulating to get your body gently activated and help to move on the naughty after effects of partying a little too hard the night before!

I've also put together a little wish list of my favourite healing yoga clothes and accessories. So if you're looking for a little yoga clobber and inspiration then take a peek at my personal picks and see if they get you in the mood for moving as much as they do me.


Have a very happy hump day everyone, thank you for reading part three of my Summer Healing series on the blog today. I hope it's been useful and as always I'd love to hear your thoughts, personal tips or advice in the comments below. 

Farewell for today.