Managing The Mad Men: Advertising, Recruitment And Account Management

To start the new week here on The What Now Blog, I thought today that it was about time for a new interview and insight into the working world of another career professional. This time we venture into the world of recruitment and advertising to meet Nirmal Modi. Nirmal is the Head of Account Management at Daniel Marks London, the Executive Headhunting firm that specialises in finding leading talent within the Advertising sector. 

Ever seen the popular HBO series Mad Men, based on the ad men and women of Madison Avenue? Then you'll have an idea of what an exciting industry this is to be covering in today's post! So without further ado let's have a look at such a role in a little more detail.

Nirmal Modi Head of Account Management

Hi Nirmal, to start today's interview could you tell us more about what you do and what your job involves?

I manage one of the divisions at Daniel Marks London, an independent headhunting firm that specialises in talent within the Creative Industry. My job involves working closely with some of the best Advertising and Digital agencies in London assisting them with their hiring strategies. I also work with some of the best talent in the market advising them on how to reach their potential in the industry.

Guide us through your early career path and the training required to get involved in this type of career.

After university I started my career working in marketing and sales for Jongleurs, a UK comedy brand. It was actually the sales side of my role that I enjoyed the most which led me into pursuing a career in recruitment and headhunting. I also enjoyed the culture of the marketing industry so Daniel Marks London offered me the perfect combination of both.

Henry Wood House View

What is it that drew you to this career, what kind of skills and interests does it require and suit?

I enjoy the fast-paced nature of the role, building relationships with a range of interesting people and the satisfaction of helping someone with a potentially life-changing decision. You generally need to be a people’s person who is highly organised and can multi-task and juggle a number of different things at once. 

What is it that you love most about your job?

Having a coffee with an interesting ad-man who has produced an award-winning advert or campaign.  

What advice do you wish you had been given when you were starting out on your own professional journey?

Recruitment can be a rollercoaster but remember that when things aren’t going your way don’t beat yourself up about it too much as it will come back round for you in some shape or form. Playing the long game breeds the most success rather than going after the quick wins.

What are your tips for staying motivated when feeling under stress?

Constantly thinking about the end-goal and the long term plan helps me to stay motivated.

Is a good work-life balance important to you and how do you try to achieve it?

Absolutely – especially in recruitment where it’s very easy to let work take over your life during the week but the best thing to do is finding ways to switch off whether that’s going to the gym, cooking a meal or watching something on Netflix!

For someone interested in working within the area that you do what would be your top advice for getting started?

Have loads of enthusiasm, a real hunger and drive to do well and remember that with this field of work it’s all about how the more you put in, the more you get out.


A huge thank you to Nirmal for sharing an insight into his world of recruitment within the buzz of the advertising sector. Some fantastic tips on how to stay motivated within such a fast paced role. Keep sight of the end goal, be committed and keep a balance. Very important advice for anyone considering a similar career and for those working within a quick moving industry, dealing with the pace of a hectic city life.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post and I look forward to seeing you back here on Wednesday when I have another exciting guest in store with some top tips for anyone currently in the process of planning their overseas travels. Don't miss it!

Have a great day.