Tips For Making The Most Of Your Travel Time

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Today I have a guest post from a fellow blogger, the lovely Sarah Landrum from the stateside blog Punched Clocks. Sarah is a woman on a mission similar to my own, to help people find happiness and balance in their lives and careers. On her blog she shares regular posts to motivate and inspire her readers and here today she is sharing some of her top tips for planning and enjoying your travel time. Perfect for those of us about to step away and enjoy a much needed break from the 9 to 5 this summer. So I'll hand over to Sarah and her great advice for making the very most of that all important travel, holiday and exploration time. 

Travel Tips


For most of the year we’re stuck with responsibilities like going to work and paying bills. When you finally get the chance to escape from the real world and travel, you want to make the most of it. Traveling is fun and exciting, but people often get so caught up in the idea of traveling that they don’t get to actually enjoy the trip. If you want to avoid that situation, take a look at these tips and see what you can do to take advantage of your travel time:

1. Don’t Plan Every Minute

Fight the urge to have an airtight schedule. You’re not going to get the most out of your trip if you’re trying to follow an itinerary. You should definitely plan for some things, such as a tour of a historical monument. However, leave some open time for things like walking around the shopping district or going to the beach. Take some time to slow down.

2. Explore The Area

Don’t be afraid of getting a little lost in your travels. The tourist areas are usually safe, but you can lose out on the local culture as a result. Get out and explore. Talk to locals, haggle over goods and see the country without the tourist filters. If you’re worried about dangerous areas, just do some research before you leave for the day. The locals will typically tell tourists if they’re headed toward a bad part of town.

3. Do Something New

When you’re traveling you have the opportunity to try hundreds of new things. If you wanted to do something ordinary you could have stayed home. Do something adventurous. Make a list of things you’ve never done before and try to cross off as many of them as you can.

4. Try the Local Cuisine

Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the local culture when you’re traveling. That means eating the local cuisine. Go away from the touristy restaurants and find an authentic place to enjoy the food. Ask for recommendations from the locals or look for places that have long lines — they’ll probably have the best food!

5. Stash the Cash

It’s common knowledge at this point to put your cash in multiple locations while you’re traveling. Some hotels provide safes to store valuables and extra cash, but you have other options if you don’t have that luxury. Don’t put all of your credit cards and money in your wallet. Disperse them in different places. Inside coat pockets, somewhere in your travel bag and even your shoes can be good places to spread your funds. If anything happens to you, you’ll still have something.

6. Leave Your Electronics Behind

In this day and age, people are becoming more and more glued to their electronics. How can you appreciate the town you’re visiting if you’re checking your email every five minutes? If you can, leave behind the computers and tablets so you can completely unplug and actually enjoy the trip. If you must bring them, limit your usage to only certain times of the day.

7. Learn the History

No matter what country you go to or what city you stay in, there is always some sort of history associated with it. Familiarize yourself with the place and embrace the history. By understanding the history, you’ll get a better grasp of the area and its people. Additionally, you’ll be able to share plenty of interesting facts when you talk to people about your trip once you return from your travels.

8. Don’t Stress

Relax. Travels are supposed to be a holiday from the normal routine. Unfortunately, most people get so caught up in the planning and coordinating that they forget to enjoy the trip. If something doesn’t go according to plan, that’s okay. It just means an opportunity to do something else. If you get delayed at the train station, don’t worry. Just breathe and tell yourself to smile. Remember — traveling should be fun.

Traveling to new places is supposed to be exciting. For a short period you get to escape from your normal life and immerse yourself in a new environment. Make the most of your time away and enjoy!



Sarah Landrum

Sarah Landrum is a freelance writer and career blogger at Punched Clocks.

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