How To Make A Flower Crown: With Rose And Wolf

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed a flurry of floral activity from me on your feed yesterday morning. Well that's because I got to spend the first hour of my day surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers, with the chance to learn how to make a floral crown. The kind that you see people donning at festivals, summer balls and such like. Beautiful fresh flowers, bright and enticing colour and great fun. Much easier to make than you might think.

How To Make A Flower Crown

The first happy part of my day yesterday was being on the early morning, sun soaked streets of London before many other people, except for the very keen beans, had made it into the wilds of Central London! Having the city almost to yourself for a few precious moments before the day begins, especially on such a fresh and bright summers promise of a day, is an unexpected treat and something I always enjoy.

The course was part of the Eventbrite July Summer School that I posted about a few weeks ago. I was lucky to be offered a ticket* by the team to go and take part in the class that I was probably most excited about for the whole months programme of events. Not that there aren't many other great classes, some of which you can still catch if you have the chance to do so!

Carnaby Street London

The class was being run by London based florists Rose & Wolf in the new Pizza Pilgrims site in the very lovely, and not previously visited by me, Kingly Court. This was an ideal venue for a little early morning learning. Kingly Court is a great little enclave of happiness set just off of Carnaby Street. I'd never ventured through its arches before but will certainly be going back at some point soon, a hidden spot for a little alfresco summer lunch. Pizza Pilgrims provided the ideal space in which to create our floral masterpieces. Unfortunately I didn't get to try the pizza (not even I can manage pizza at 8am in the morning) but heading back soon to sample some of the delights on their menu is now top of my to do list!

Kingly Court London
Kingly Court London
Pizza Pilgrims London

Thus so to the making of the crowns themselves. This process is so very simple and well worth giving a go if you have an event coming up that you'd like to wear one for. 


  • Length of Aluminium Floristy Wire (about the circumference of your head plus a little extra)
  • Floristy Tape
  • Fresh Flowers and Foliage of your choice

For wire and tape options you can find a good selection here: Florist Wire and Tape

How To Make A Flower Crown

Simply begin by wrapping your length of wire in the florists tape. The tape is a kind of crepe-y texture in feel but when pulled gets sticky enough to hold as you wrap it, at an angle, around your piece of wire.

Once your wire is covered select your flowers and cut them to size, you need to leave about an inch of the stem to fix to your crown. 

Decide how you wish your crown to look. I'd never made one before and kind of just went ahead very traditionally by fixing individual flowers along the centre of the covered wire. Some however got far more creative with a much heftier fix of flowers, some just on one side for a more asymmetrical look, others added far more creative foliage and excitement - well the options are endless.

You need to fix your flowers and foliage with the stems all facing in the same direction, otherwise it gets very tricky and confusing! All of my stems headed off the the left and you just simply fix them to the wire by wrapping the stems to it using the same floristry tape.

Once you are done you can cut your wire to size (if required) so that it fastens neatly around at the back of your head and et voila your fresh flower crown is complete!

How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown
How To Make A Flower Crown

For me, the eternal flower lover, this was a great way to spend an hour early on a Wednesday morning making a beautiful flower crown and all before 9am! Such a colourful way to start the day. It was great to meet some other likeminded flower crown, festival loving fans such as myself and a useful new skill to have under my belt for future summer accessorising.

My huge thanks goes to all involved. I hope this post inspires you to go and give this a go for yourself. If you do, you must share your photos and ideas with me, I'd love to see them.

Farewell for now What Now friends. See you again very soon and have a very Happy and Floral Thursday!