Enjoy A Stress-Less Summer In The City

With summer now well and truly in full bloom, the brighter days certainly begin to bring a better sense of wellbeing and general happiness. Yet city life can continue to be stressful whatever the weather and whilst the temptation of the sunshine can lead to long, languished nights in the nearest pub garden after work, it pays to take some more suitable measures to help look after yourself and unwind in a healthy way.

In the name of a stress free summer in the bustling metropolis in which you choose to work and play, here are some simple steps to ensure you make the most of the sunny season and take care of yourself at the same time.

Stress-Less Summer In The City


1. Seek Out Your Nearest City Park: Find a park or restful green space local to your workplace where you can retreat at lunchtime for a little fresh air and downtime. Pack your favourite book or magazine, download some relaxing music and step outside to take a break from the stuffiness of the office and staring at your computer screen.  

Many of the larger London parks, Regents Park for example, have beautiful gardens around which you can wander and lose yourself for a while, plus a number of other sights and activities to take your mind off of the day. Or simply sit yourself down and switch off for an hour. Londoners check out City of London Green Spaces or The Royal Parks to learn more about some of the best outdoor spaces that the city has to offer.

2. Bring A Little Of The Outside, In: This is useful all year round, not necessarily just in the summer. Studies have shown that bringing a little of the outside into your working environment can do wonders for your state of mind. Bringing nature into your space is restorative and proven to make you more productive. Simple ways to embrace Mother Nature include:

  • Buy a plant – A simple pot plant on your desk will bring a little of the outdoor in as well as provide visual stimulation to enlighten your productivity.
  • Let the light shine in – Open the blinds and embrace the sunny rays!
  • Restore the air – If possible make sure you regularly let a little fresh air into your office to clean out the space and freshen things up. This is especially good to do during a little summer downpour; the freshness of the rain is a great mood booster.

3. Walk A Little Further To A Quieter Tube Stop: Sometimes something as simple as this can be a real help to your mindset. Plus it’s far more achievable in the brighter months than in the cold, wet and blustery ones. If your commute home entails getting onto a packed tube train close to your office, see if there’s an option to travel in a different way to ease the congestion and unnecessary stress. Whether you walk that little further to a quieter stop down the road, or if you just forget public transport altogether and walk the whole way home. It’s a great way to take advantage of the weather whilst easing the toll on your journey.

4. Unplug To Unwind: This is the one thing that we all know we should do yet some of us still fail to take heed! When the end of the day comes don’t be beholden to that mobile phone. Honestly! The world can wait while you take a little downtime and refresh yourself for the following day. So put the phone down, step away and go and enjoy some tech free time in order to restore yourself effectively without the draw of your email or social media draining you further.


What do you do to handle the heat and unwind from summer city life? I'd love to know your own tried and tested tips. Leave me your ideas in the comments section below. Have a great week everyone. Happy Monday!