Desktop Treats: Bonny Confectionery Gourmet Marshmallows

I feel today it's time to introduce you to something a little sweet and tasty. Treats to tickle the tastebuds and get you through this Wednesday hump day with thoughts of mallow loveliness and a knowing smile on your face. Something to treat yourself, or your work colleagues with (if you're feeling generous!) as you sit typing away at your desk, a way to add a little sparkle to your favourite desktop afternoon tipple! Plus stay tuned because if all of this sweet loveliness really tickles your fancy then you'll have the opportunity to win a selection box all of your very own.

Bonny Handmade Marshmallow Dipper Belgian Chocolate

When I was asked by the lovely duo at Bonny Confectionery if I'd like to review a selection of their tasty products, the sweet fiend within me just couldn't say no. However it wasn't just my cheeky sweet tooth that was keen to review these beauties. I was equally intrigued by the tale behind the Bonny brand. Two mothers, friends who made the decision to go on their own entrepreneurial adventure and turn their childhood memories and a burning passion into a business.

Having met in their local village whilst out walking their dogs (that's also where I meet all of the best people too!) Jackie and Cordie found that they had a mutual passion for making handmade, tasty sweets. After a little time running different ideas around, they hit upon the idea of making gourmet flavoured marshmallows, specifically designed to sweeten up your hot drinks in the most delightful and gooey of ways. Taking the humble marshmallow and elevating it to something just a little more special. With a range of flavours, from the perfectly traditional to the uniquely different and unusual, Bonny Confectionery was born and has been growing ever since.

I love the fact that these delightful, squidgy delicacies are not only a treat for the tastebuds and the perfect way to pep up a slightly less than shiny afternoon, but are also made with fine, locally sourced and natural ingredients. Hand-made with minimum processing, these lovely munchies are a little less cheeky than usual and a slightly less naughty way to enjoy a decadent mallow moment!

Bonny Handmade Marshmallow Dipper Belgian Chocolate

I had the lucky pleasure of sampling two of the Marshmallow Melt Dippers, a Belgian Chocolate* and a Blood Orange and Chocolate* version.

These mallow dippers are a most indulgent and delicous way to make your cup of coffee or hot chocolate all gooey and delightful! On a handy, sturdy dipping stick you can happily stir away and watch your marshmallow of choice dissolve into a sticky pool of happiness right before your eyes. The handy packaging makes them easy to pop into your work bag if you wish to whip one into the office to brighten up your day.

Bonny Handmade Marshmallow Dipper Blood Orange And Chocolate

If you're looking for even more marshmallow-ness then you may want to reach for one of the lovely Mallow Melt Bags.

These come in a choice of five flavours, including an unusual sounding Natural Lemon which Bonny Mallows suggest you try serving with crepes and vanilla ice cream for a lovely summer pudding. Certainly sounds delicious and intriguing.

However I sampled the delectable Spearmint and Chocolate* option and I think these stood out as one of my absolute favourites. I'm a bit of a sucker for mint and chocolate, which maybe isn't to everyones taste, but these little beauties really didn't disappoint on the flavour front. Big, buoyant and bouncy mallows that pack a real minty punch. Pop one of these into your drink, or just enjoy on their own, and you'll be very happy indeed.

Mallow warning though - don't eat these to excess whilst you're sat in front of the Great British Bake Off. You may find yourself feeling a little worse for wear if you do - not that I would ever do such a thing!

Bonny Handmade Marshmallow Melts Spearmint And Chocolate
Bonny Handmade Marshmallow Melts Spearmint And Chocolate

Last up, the cute little Raspberry and Vanilla Mallow Munch Bar*. These bars are slightly smaller little cubes of sweetness but they still pack a punch. These and the dippers were my favourite for actually putting into my hot chocolate - with the larger mallow melts from the melt bag usually heading straight into my mouth instead!

Bonny Marshmallows Mallowmunch Bar Raspberry And Vanilla

Seriously lovely treats and such a pleasure to review! Plus the fact that they are made with natural ingredients means you can enjoy them without the same guilt as you might encounter when grabbing that cheeky chocolate bar from the office vending machine.

These would make the perfect gift for a friend or colleague with a bit of a sweet tooth. Colourful, delicious and very reasonably priced, a selection box of gourmet bonny goodies is bound to please even the most difficult of colleagues to buy for. Certainly a unique and different gift option that's sure to get the rest of the office crowding around with foodie fever!

Want to know my drink of choice for sampling these tasty treats? Then you might find inspiration in this previous post here.


YOUR CHANCE TO WIN: Happily you don't just have to take my word for it when it comes to these delights. The lovely ladies at Bonny Confectionery have kindly offered up a selection box of goodies, such as I got to sample, for one lucky reader to enjoy. So if you'd like to give these tempting treats a try for yourself make sure you enter using the form below.

Entries close next Wednesday 26th August at midnight after which time one lucky winner will be contacted via Twitter and their box of yumminess sent out for them to try. So go on just tickle those tastebuds why don't you!

Please Note: 

This competition is open to UK based entrants only on this occassion.

The selection box will be similar to that reviewed here on the blog although items may vary subject to availability.