10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow To Inspire You At Work And In Life

Instagram is becoming an increasing source of inspiration. Personally it took such a long time to fall in love with it. I didn't really see the use or the benefit and for a while was left a little in the wilderness. Now though, I turn to it regularly to connect with others and to find interesting quotes, ideas and inspiration to motivate and drive forward within the working day.

So in today's post I'm sharing my top 10 accounts to follow for motivation in your working life. Have a browse and then let me know of any similar accounts that you enjoy seeing on your daily feed that you too would recommend people get excited about!

Come join  @TheWhatNowBlog  on Instagram!

Come join @TheWhatNowBlog on Instagram!



1. Fast Company: With a profile that simply states 'Inspiring the future of business' the Fast Company feed is a place to turn for educational posts about the business world that help to do just that. I love the style of the photos and illustrations that they pick as well as being able to find inspirational business men and women to learn about and stories that teach and motivate. @fastcompany

2. Bossed Up: An organisation that's based around helping women to avoid burnout, live a healthier, happier life and create more sustainable careers. Their Instagram feed is full of supportive, positive quotes, ideas and thoughts for helping women to do just that. @bosseduporg

3. Career Contessa: Highlighting strong women in the working world, Career Contessa's feed will again offer inspiration and ideas as well as positive motivation for those wishing to drive themselves forward in the world of work - learn from people who've done just that. @careercontessa

4. Live In The Grey: Live in the Grey's mantra is all about loving what you do, finding fulfilling work and basically finding that creative space between the back and white expectations that the world puts upon us. Inspiring people to find their own path, their Instagram feed offers colourful and arty illustrations and thought provoking quotes of encouragement. Helping us all to be brave, go forward and pursue our goals with passion and courage! @livegrey

5. Clementine Daily: 'The modern woman's inspired guide to a sweeter everyday.' The Clementine Daily feed is clean, chic and smart. Its minamalist style makes it a pleasure to scroll through when you just need a break from the clutter of everyday life. Somewhere to find peaceful inspiration and clarity of thought and ideas. @clementinedaily

6. Happsters: The sole purpose of this account is to inspire and spread happiness through the use of cheerful and uplifting quotes, illustrations and beautiful photographs. Having a bad day at work? Then a quick scroll through this feed will be certain to put you straight back on the right track. @happsters

7. Levo League: I'm a Levo League fan in general so it's not surprising that I also enjoy their Instagram offerings. Levo League is a community of young professionals and inspiring mentors and their feed provides daily career inspiration, quotes and motivation to help you move forward and achieve your dreams. @levoleague

8. The Every Girl: A colourful but sharp and concise feed of beautiful office spaces, city inspiration, downtime ideas and everything in between. The Every Girl feed is a joy to thumb through and a calm place to spend some of your daydreaming time during a few minutes break from the working day. @theeverygirl_

9. Greatist: Need some healthy eating and healthy living advice and inspiration to keep you motivated throughout the day? Then Greatist is the place to turn for ideas for better living that don't suck, will still entice and will make you want to stick to maintaining a happy, healthy life! @greatist

10. Anna Rifle Bond: The creative and the stationery addict in me just couldn't go without mentioning this one! Anna Bond is the Founder and Creative Director of the beautiful Rifle Paper Company and her feed will make you want to pick up a pen, find a pretty pad of paper and start doodling away with arty enthusiasm. @annariflebond


I hope you find these accounts as inspiring as I do and enjoy having a good look through the fantastic photos, illustrations and ideas.

What's your favourite Insta inspiration when it comes to browsing for ideas on work and life? 

Share you favourite accounts below and for now goodbye and enjoy the rest of your Monday everyone.