Spark Your Imagination This Long Weekend

This Friday marks the start of the late August bank holiday here in the UK. So as the working day ends today and we all begin to pack away for three work free days I've gathered together a selection of links, blog posts and ideas that may inspire your imagination for the upcoming weekend break. 

Ideas For The Bank Holiday Weekend





I love exploring the streets of London, or whichever local city, town or village I might be near, at the weekends. Recently I took a trip to Little Venice and wandered alongside the canal. A fantastic way to spend a Saturday in the sunshine away from the main hustle of the city. More on that to come in a future post. But my point is that there is so much to see if you just get out there and pound the streets. You don't need a tonne of cash to do so, you don't even need much of a plan as to where you intend to end up. Just get out, get moving, get some fresh air and open your eyes to the history, beauty and other intriguing sights and sounds that surround you.

Check out this post: One recent post that really stood out to me, in particular for the beautiful photographs, was this Street Art post from Uli over at Found Some Paper. Proving that there is so much to explore if we just take a moment to let it all in.



If the weather keeps up its wet and drizzly act this long weekend and hitting the streets to explore isn't sitting high on your to do list then why not get a little creative at home instead. One of my favourite blogs for DIY inspiration is the lovely Paper & Stitch where Editor Brittni shares all number of fantastic ideas for home DIY and decor, fashion and other beautifully creative ideas. 

Check out this post: Snack Attack: Chocolate Dipped Banana Chips. I can see myself making and chomping on these this weekend. A great little make if you're at home with the kids or if you just have a sweet tooth and love to snack like me!



Why not hunt and down and then get stuck into a really good book, switch off all your devices and enjoy the peace that can come from reading your way through a long weekend.

How about this? This may be an odd question, and in conflict with turning off your electronics but bear with me, have you ever considered turning to YouTube for searching out and hunting down current and upcoming book recommendations?

Recently I've been really enjoying the videos from Sanne the 26 year old YouTuber from the Netherlands, living in London and discussing all things book related on her channel Books And Quills. With over 100,000 subscribers, and as the Digital and Social Media Manager for Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press, Sanne certainly knows her stuff and plows through a tonne of books every month covering all kinds of genres, titles and authors. She can also give you the heads up on new and up and coming releases before they've even hit the shelves.

Another favourite person to turn to for inspiration is Jen Campbell author of the Sunday Times bestselling, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops series and also with her own YouTube Channel full of reviews and other lovely book related recommendations!



This weekend sees the annual Notting Hill Carnival take place in London. Many years ago I worked part time for a charity based in the area that took part in carnival every year. Queue many a week on end, ahead of the bank holiday, making giant papier mache feathers and getting covered head to toe in glitter and glue! It was always great fun though and the event itself is a dazzling whirlwind of music, fun, creativity and colour. If you've never been then it's a must. The Sunday Parade which is family day, would be my pick of choice. An opportunity to dance, eat, drink and be dazzled. Take your camera and immerse yourself in the carnival spirit.

For more information and to plan your day visit: www.thelondonnottinghillcarnival.comAfter somewhere fun to head to and keep the party going? Keep the dance alive at the buzzing Notting Hill Arts Club once the carnival parade has ended.



I think bank holidays, especially rainy ones, are the best time to get that apron on, dust off the baking trays and cake tins and get yourself into the kitchen! With GBBO back on our screens Britain is well and truly in the throes of the baking bug once again. So why not take inspiration from this much loved TV series and get your bake on as well.

If you're feeling really keen and you're also a blogger, or tempted to start blogging, then why not let The Blogger Bake Off Challenge inspire you to take your baking even further. Get involved in creating your own version of the showstopper challenge and share your creation with the rest of the blogging world. Make new connections with fellow bloggers who love to bake and even be in with a chance of winning some prizes. I'm not sure my baking skills will stand up to the test but even so I totally love the idea. Bake off aside if you just fancy cooking up a storm then get yourself into the kitchen and let your baking prowess loose! 

Check out this post: This is what I might well be making! Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Smitten Kitchen.


So those are my five, relatively simple and purse friendly ideas for enjoying this bank holiday weekend. I'd love to know what you have planned? And whatever you're up to have a truly fabulous and relaxing time!