Why Is London THE Place For Creatives?

I've aways loved our wonderful capital city, London. Having travelled to many a city all over the world London is still one of the very best places to work and play. Plus it constantly tops many worldwide polls to prove it.

Today's guest post comes from Lola, a recruiter working within the Creative Advertising sector in London and with an insight into why this is always one of the very best cities in the world for creatives. So what is it that truly makes this one of the most inspiring places for creative minds? Let's hand over to Lola to find out ...

Creative London

I hear it all the time, London is the best hub to be right now in the global creative community and more specifically it’s the right place to be if you work in Advertising. But why London? Why not cities like New York, LA, Amsterdam, Tokyo - home to some of the greatest creative agencies such as Droga5, Perreira O’Dell, 180Amsterdam and if we are talking Digital, Birdman in Japan or R/GA in the Big Apple. 

Having been brought up in France I have never truly felt like a real Londoner and therefore have always been intrigued as to what creates that buzz surrounding creativity in London. I started headhunting whilst living in Argentina and this was my first insight into the world of Advertising. Having helped many Creatives from different parts of the world explore new opportunities, I have come across a number of answers to the question “Where would you like to work next?”. The one city that always comes up is of course London! So now that I am living here, I find myself asking, what makes London so special?

As Moorey MacLennan, Chief Executive of M&C Saatchi once said “London has a confidence bordering on swagger, which is reflected in the advertising industry”. This swagger he refers to is hard to define but if I had to start somewhere it would have to be with Music and Fashion. If we think about the talent that came from the UK and the boundaries that were broken, from The Beatles’ new pop sound to Vivienne Westwood’s designs which shaped the punk rock movement, us Brits left a trail of creativity that does not cease to capture the imagination of the rest of the world.

This trail continues today with talent emerging from every angle… you just have to look at the recent success of the British Film industry or the breath-taking voice of Sam Smith to the iconic designs of Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen. 

From my experience, Creatives in London also have that ‘urge’ and certainly the ability to create ideas strong enough to leave their mark.

But these ideas wouldn’t be able to exist without the freedom of creativity given by the clients. Gerry Human, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather London said, clients are taking a “more confident, less risk-averse approach to advertising”, which in other parts of the world might not be the case. London’s creativity mirrors the London vibe. I use the word vibe as it seems vague enough for anyone to decide on its definition. Spontaneous, eclectic, carefree, true to its history and always looking to innovate without being pretentious. 

We all know that London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and this transcends into the work we see distilled from agencies. From Brazilians to Swedish, South Africans to Germans the advertising scene is packed with a variety of talent. And with this diversity comes a different approach to solving problems, a different and more collaborative way in tackling briefs from increasingly demanding clients. London has a strong sense of individuality which we all know Creatives seek. They seek to be different, to come up with that one idea that will change the way we view our world and to be rewarded for their talent. 

What better place to be in than the one that offers the freedom to pursue your ideas and to go all the way in accomplishing them. London is truly the city where one can allow creativity to run wild and to see those ideas come to life!



Lola Black Profile

Lola Black is a Creative Consultant at Headhunting Firm Daniel Marks London where she works with creative teams, art directors, copywriters and designers looking for new opportunities in the creative advertising sector.

Keep up to date with Lola and the rest of the team on Twitter @TeamDanielMarks.

This post originally appeared on the Daniel Marks London Blog in May 2015.