Awesome Autumn: 4 Great Reasons To LOVE The Change In Season

Now that autumn is certainly making its mark here in the UK I thought today I'd share a guest post that I wrote recently for the lovely Bella over at her blog: The Other 'F-Word'. I hope it leaves you with some ideas for the change in season. Let me know what you love most about Autumn in the comments below.

Awesome Autumn

When the summer ends we all feel a little sombre. The days start to draw in, it starts to get a little chillier and we know we have to go back to reality for a bit instead of spending long imaginative days and evenings enjoying the warmth of a summer season. But there are plenty of reasons to love the beautiful, crisp months of autumn. So today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites and I urge you to get inspired and think about what you most look forward to as summer’s cosy cousin starts to find its feet and settle in!



1.   Photographing Crunchy Autumn Leaves And Dazzling Colours: The autumn months bring with them an abundance of beautiful colours as the trees start to turn and the leaves fall to the floor. Making way for crisp and crunchy walks in the park and the most beautiful of views in the strewn lower sunlight. This is the perfect opportunity for budding photographers to get out and get some of the most beautiful shots that they can expect to achieve all year round.

Feel inspired to get out and about with your camera? Read this first: Autumn Landscapes – Expert Tips On Taking Great Photographs via The Guardian.

2.   Brisk Early Walks On Crisp And Golden Misty Mornings: Longer nights and cooling temperatures make for gloriously misty mornings that sparkle with the golden rays of early morning sunshine. Make the very most of this crisp autumn prettiness and get up early for a bracing morning walk to enliven and awake you before the warmth of the sun burns the glisten away.

Walking first thing in the morning has been shown to be a great way to start your day and have huge benefits for your health. Allowing time to clear your head, breathe and calmly focus on the day ahead of you.

3.   Getting Stuck Into Tasty Chai Lattes, Gooey Hot Chocolate And Serious Comfort Food: All of our favourite comfort food and drinks make a welcome re-appearance in the autumn. Warm, spiced chocolatey drinks, comforting seasonal stews and soups and indulgent, sticky and tasty puds! Everything gets just that little bit warmer, spicier and sweeter and that’s just the way I like it!

Get in the kitchen and get inspired with these lovely recipes: Homemade Chai Tea Latte (The Real Deal) via Live Simply plus this collection of all things autumn and edible: Perfectly Autumnal Recipes via Red Magazine.

4.   Reuniting With The Cosiest Part Of Your Wardrobe: Personally I love it when the cosier clothes in my closet start to make their way back to the front again. Wrapping up a little warmer, the chance to wear all of those scarves, coats and other lovely, warming but stylish accessories, is just such a joy. Bringing out the cute little ankle boots, the stylish long sleeved wrap dresses or whatever your autumnal fancy may well be, is always refreshing and exciting. Of course it’s also a good excuse to head off for a little shopping trip and pick up a couple of the new season must haves to perk up your current selection.

Who among us can really resist the chance to buy a few new accessories when the autumn season sets in?!


So there we have my top four awesome autumn picks. Don’t be sad to wave the summer goodbye, think of all the amazing autumnal inspiration there will be to come and get excited, embrace and enjoy the beautiful changing seasons.