Blogger Spotlight: Introducing Sarah From The Diary Of A Teachaholic

Getting to know more about a person and connecting through their blog is, to me, one of the greatest pleasures of the blogging world. There is such a strong community out there and so many wonderful bloggers and blogs to lose yourself in for an hour or two, that the process of acquainting yourself with another like-minded soul in the blogging world is an endless pleasure!

Today I want to introduce to you the lovely Sarah from the blog The Diary Of A Teachaholic and this months spotlight advertiser. Join me to learn more about Sarah, her blog and blogging passions and discover a new and beautiful read to add to your current list.

The Diary Of A Teachaholic

Hi Sarah, firstly could you introduce yourself, your blog and the passion and idea behind it?

Aloha, lovely human beans. My name is Sarah and I am the face behind Diary of a Teachaholic. In real terms, my blog is very new to the blogging world, but I have blogged in the past somewhere else. 

My blog came about when I decided my old one had to be shut down. The strains of my battle with mental health and the toxic relationships I had in my life meant that my old blog had become such a negative aspect, which just isn’t the way it should be! 

So, after a lot of deliberating, I came up with Diary of a Teachaholic - a blog all about my life as a teachaholic! I blog about anything life throws at me; from mental health, to teaching, to general life mishaps - it’s all there. 

The Diary Of A Teachaholic Sarah

Why did you start blogging, what is it that you most love about it? 

When I first entered the blogging world, it was teachers that had inspired me to start. I had spent the day having my job slagged off by others through a popular news app and was left feeling quite disheartened about the awful things the general public have to say about teaching. After many hours of Google-ing, I was left inspired by the teacher bloggers out there and wanted to get my two pence in too. 

Naturally, it fell flat on its face. I just didn’t know what to talk about and didn’t have the same ‘niche’ that everyone else seemed to create. However, I adored the blogging community and all the support I could get from it so much, that I kept on going, changing my ‘niche’ from teacher to life. 

Now? Now I couldn’t see my life without a blog or blogging. If it wasn’t for the community that I have met and built, I’m not sure where I would be right about now. After having a year long battle with mental health, the support from the blogging world was completely amazing. It gave me strength to keep going every day and I thought it was completely amazing how people who had never met me wanted to look after me as they did. In a way, I kind of owe the blogging world! 

The Diary Of A Teachaholic

Have you had to face any particular challenges as a blogger and how did you overcome them?

Who hasn’t? I’m lucky that my own blogging challenge that I’ve faced is being able to stay motivated and inspired to write.

Being a teacher, my life is full of crazy children and stressful paperwork. During term time I feel like I barely have time to wee, let alone think of inspiration to blog about. Since I started blogging, there have been long periods where I've disappeared from my blog and left my readers with nothing to look at - which makes me incredibly sad!

To overcome the problem, I keep a handy little blogging note on my phone. Whenever I find something that inspires me or I think ‘ooooo, that would make a good post’, I jot it down and make sure, when I have time to write, I come back to it.

The Diary Of A Teachaholic Dealing With Anxiety

Tell us about a few of your favourite recent posts and why you enjoyed writing them so much?

My favourite type of post to write is where I share stories or lessons from my life. I know that might not seem very interesting to everyone else, but when you struggle to get how you’re feeling out of your head, writing is a great way to release whatever it is going on inside.

If I was to choose, I would definitely say that my favourite posts are those about my struggles with mental health. They make me feel better and, in turn, I hear stories of how posts have helped others. When it comes to anxiety and mental health, I have written about a whole host of topics. From dealing with the dreaded quarter of a life crisis, talking about how I deal with my anxiety ridden brain or sharing my recent mental health inspired tattoo, I have written about it without the rose tinted glasses that we see life. 

To me, it’s so important (especially when it comes to mental health) to tell others exactly how it is. I’m not going to hide away and pretend everything’s okay when it’s not! 

The Diary Of A Teachaholic Tattoo

Work-life balance is an important topic here on The What Now Blog so I’m intrigued to know if you have any tips for keeping balance in your life – especially working full time and writing a blog. How do you fit it all in?

Having a work-life balance when you’re a teacher is really hard in general, without balancing a blog on top of it. However, over the past 4-5 months, I have worked hard to create an editorial calendar and make sure I spend at least one evening a week in front of the computer doing blogging-esque things. 

It has taken me a long time to get blogging organised, but I finally feel like I’m just about there. In brief, I use a month view diary to plan out what I’m going to write and when, and schedule my posts and tweets in advance, whenever I have the time! Teaching can be very unpredictable, so I take the extra few minutes to get ahead whenever I can.

The Diary Of A Teachaholic Truth About Teacher Holidays

Finally, what are your future blogging passions and goals?

I would love to have a large community of readers and blogging friends. I’m on my way to getting there and have a ‘met’ a few blogging girls that I probably talk to more than my real friends, but I feel there’s still a way to come. 

In the future, I’d really like to meet some of the bloggers I’ve got to know so well. I read about all the fun that bloggers are having at blogging meet ups and wish I could be there too, so I have my eye on that at the moment! 

When it comes to blogging, I never expect to make it big (nor do I in any other aspect of my life!). In all honesty, I write for me and to help myself cope with the ups and downs life has to throw at me. If that means no one reads my blog but I carry on living, then that’s okay! 

The Diary Of A Teachaholic

Wow well that to me is an inspiring read - I truly admire Sarah's honesty and openness so very much. It's been a pleasure getting to know more about Sarah and her blog over the month of September. I hope you've enjoyed learning more about the world of a teachaholic as much as I have done!  Make sure you keep up with what's happening in Sarah's world on Twitter @TeachaholicBlog and on Instagram @SareMaj1

Have an inspiring week everyone and farewell for today.