A Little New Year Blog-Loving!

Hello everybody and a slightly belated but very Happy New Year! I know it's been a little quiet around these parts. Thank you for letting me take some time out over the festive period. In truth I wanted to take a step back and look at where I was going and where I hope to head towards in 2016. There were many ideas in my head, many things I wanted and need to do in order to grow and improve, and for a few weeks I wanted to take time to process and make the right decisions. Which I think and hope I now have, and I'm looking forward to embracing a productive and challenging 2016.

New Year Blogging Inspiration

Anyone who follows @TheWhatNowBlog on Instagram will have also noticed that we took some time to travel over Christmas and New Year and had an amazing trip to India and Sri Lanka. More on that, with some photos and tips, for those who are interested coming very soon. 

For today, to kick off getting back into the blogging habit, I wanted to share a bit of blog love to inspire those of you looking for some new reads this January. Whilst I was away I still enjoyed reading fellow bloggers' posts and there are some stand out blogs that have really been keeping me motivated. So without further ado, here are some new blogger friends to consider adding to your reading list this month!



1. READING MY TEA LEAVES: One of the things I personally want to concentrate on in 2016 is simplifying life and work, getting away from the unnecessary. We all have so much noise buzzing through our minds, so much clutter, too much 'stuff', and the truth is that it's really not necessary. It just stresses us all out and brings us down. So turning to Erin's blog that focuses on living a practical, purposeful and more simple life is just perfect for me. Anyone feeling the same is bound to enjoy a good old browse through this beautiful, minimalist and practical blog too. A Favourite Recent Post: Decluttering Resolutions For A New Year

2. FOUND SOME PAPERYou may remember me mentioning Uli from Found Some Paper before when she wrote a piece for this blog on how to be more creative on Twitter when searching for a new job. However I really can't get enough of Uli's blog and her creative thoughts and ideas. I always turn to her for something a little different as her posts about art, design and living a creative life offer much inspiration as well as variety from the often same, same and only a little bit different sorts of blog posts that can land daily into my feed. This year Uli is embarking on her own exciting new career path having left her job behind and setting up on a freelance basis. I admire her bravery and can't wait to see what the future holds as I'm sure it will mean great things. Check out her blog if you're looking for something to spark your creativity. A Favourite Recent Post: Found A New Trend On Instagram: Motion Portrait

3. FOREVER AMBER: Amber, a former journalist turned full time blogger, shares fashion, life, beauty and blogging tips on her blog Forever Amber. I love the way that Amber writes; personal, quirky and to the point. Her insightful posts are always beautifully crisp and inviting with great photography. I never find it a chore to read through her blog and can always find motivation and a bit of a pick me up when having a browse. I also really enjoy reading Ambers blogging advice. Here she always offers a non filtered approach to the blogging world and is very open with her readers about how she does what she does, sharing as much as she can in order to help others in a similar situation. A Favourite Recent Post: How To Beat The January Blues


Who's been inspiring you this January and motivating you through the start to the New Year? Share your links (your own or those of someone you've been loving reading lately) below and I promise I'll enjoy taking a look for future blog loving inspiration! Farewell for today.



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