Making Time To Read: 4 Books For The New Year

Last year I wrote a short post about making more time for music because it was something that as a music lover I realised I wasn't paying any attention to anymore in my life, all thanks to many other things going on and so many different distractions. This year I thought it would be nice to re-visit such a concept. The idea of thinking of one thing that I really should do more of and spending more time focusing on filtering said activity back into my life. Hence a new series on this blog has been born and I'm hoping it will inspire you to think about doing the same, whatever your particular passions may be.

It's really so important to make time for yourself and the things that truly make you tick. No matter how busy we are I firmly believe it is possible to pull back a little bit of time and space to really be ourselves. Not only that but it's extremely necessary in order to allow ourselves time to think, process and gain perspective.

You may only be able to spare a few minutes every now and then, but those minutes still count. Unless we actively commit to finding that time, it's very easy to get lost in a routine solely focused around work, other people and the general daily requirements of getting through life. Don't forget that YOU exist somewhere in all of that as well.

Why not have a think about your own passions. Can you find a little more time for them in your current weekly routine?

Now I'm not one for writing down a long list of resolutions at the start of each new year because inevitably I usually fail to stick to them. However bit by bit I prefer to make little changes and promises to myself that I can more realistically try to achieve. Focusing on one thing at a time to avoid a frazzled brain, added stress and a feeling of failure. The point of making time for yourself isn't to add extra pressure, it's to take some of that daily strain away.

Regular readers will probably note that I've mentioned previously my lack of attention to reading real books over recent years! So I thought that for me this would be the ideal starting point for this new blog series. I'm consciously making an effort this month to devote more time to a pile of books that I've been meaning to tackle for a long time. All of which are kind of falling slightly into the self-help category which wasn't actually an intentional decision! I guess they kind of go hand in hand with that new year, new you kind of feeling and are all things I'm keen to learn more about. I'm sharing them here incase they spark any area of interest for you too. Once I've read them I'll offer a little of my thoughts - and that should hold me to the promise of swiftly getting reading properly! 



1. EVERYTHING YOU NEED YOU HAVE, HOW TO BE AT HOME IN YOURSELF by Gerad Kite: This is a book about connecting back to your inner sense of self. The idea that the modern lifestyle, with all its many choices, the improvements to our material wealth and the muddled minds that our hectic lifestyles are creating is ultimately making us ill. Gerad Kite aims in this book to remind us that everything we need to be happy and stay well already lies within us. I'm looking forward to learning more and hope it will offer useful tips for living a simpler and less worried and frantic life. Watch this space!

2. THE POWER OF FORGETTING by Mike Byster: Along a similar thread this book focuses on techniques to help focus the brain in an ever changing and overwhelming world full of far too much choice and information. Mike Byster is a memory-training coach and here he shares "methods for becoming a more efficient and productive thinker." Promising to help develop skills to become more successful, productive and find a better balance. It certainly sounds well worth a read. I'm looking forward to learning more, my brain could certainly do with a new year decluttering!

3. A MINDFULNESS GUIDE FOR THE FRAZZLED by Ruby Wax: This new book from Ruby Wax looks at the growing phenomena of mindfulness and how it can help us to live a healthier life. I'm looking forward to reading this because I'm confident that Ruby's view on what mindfulness means and how we can imprint it into our daily lives is going to be smart and accessible in a way that perhaps some of the other offerings out there sometimes aren't. With a Masters Degree in mindfulness from Oxford University Ruby certainly has a good handle on what this subject is all about and how it can be useful. I'm sure this will be an insightful and helpful read. 

4. BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert: Now I'm embarrassed that I shared a picture of this book on Instagram back in October when it was delivered and yet I still haven't even opened the cover. I can't wait to read this and it might actually be where I start first. So I really have to get my current book, that's been dragging on a bit, finished and crack on with this one right away. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the very well known Eat, Pray, Love has penned this book with the aim of helping others live a more creative life. Not in the sense of giving up what you do and devoting yourself to the arts, more to help people open their minds to a more curious and creative way of living. 


Have you read any of these titles or do you have any similar must read recommendations? What one thing will you be making time for this January? Let me know in the comments below and here's to the weekend and to making time to do what makes you feel happy.



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