3 Super Easy Fitness Tricks To Try This Weekend

I'm always intrigued by ways to try and stay a little stronger and healthier. Since getting back from our recent trip to India, where I spent hardly anytime on any form of laptop, computer and not even my phone (well by my usual standards!) coming back to reality has really taken a toll on my neck, back and shoulders. Highlighting just how hazardous our daytime desk jobs are. I know I say this a lot but finding ways to help our bodies out a little more in this digital driven age is something I'm always interested in discovering and sharing here on this blog.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

So today I'm presenting three really simple health hacks that we can all start practising right away for a better mind and body. Bear with me, some might seem a little odd, but I'm reliably informed they will really do us all good in the long run!



1. Sit On The Floor Not The Sofa: Active sitting on the floor either in a cross-legged position or in a squatting position has been done by people all over the world for centuries. If you practice yoga you'll know the benefits that this can bring as apposed to sitting in a chair or on your sofa. Ok so it might seem a little odd, but switch it up and sit on the floor now and again, you don't need to pay for a yoga class to achieve this and the benefits that it brings. You will engage far more muscles especially in your core, improve balance as you get up and down, improve blood circulation and generally be surprised by the more centred calmness it can bring. Use cushions or support for your back as needed and forget the couch now and again, it only promotes unhealthy postures and bad circulation. To get you started and to make sure you're sitting in a healthy way try the Sukhasana posture. Not sure what I'm on about? A great resource from which to learn more can be found here: Sukhasana (The Easy Pose) - Yoga With Adrienne.

2. Walk Barefoot, Work Those Feet: Ok granted this one depends on where you are in the world right now. Anyone in the UK will probably laugh out loud at the idea of this given the weather. Although I'm not just talking about outside but inside the house too. In the western world we spend so much time hiding our poor tootsies in shoes and socks yet 25% of our bodies bones and muscles lie in our feet. By housing them in restrictive shoes we aren't using these important and by now totally sedentary muscles to their fullest. In a recent yoga session I was asked to sit back on my toes to wake up said muscles and oh my god did it really flippin' hurt!! I realised then that my poor feet were being crazily neglected and that I needed to practise moving them more often. Still not convinced? Get into the science bit by reading this article here: The Surprising Health Benefits Of Going Barefoot - Mind Body Green.

3. Stand, Walk And Talk: Got a lot of catching up to do with family and friends this weekend? Plans to organise, gossip to share?! Great but don't spend that time on the phone sat in your bed or on the couch, get up and walk it out! Making phone calls on the move, either on an actual walk which I like to do whilst walking the dog, or just by simply pacing around the house, is another super simple but effective way to keep the body moving and pumping! There's no great trick to this, simply get up and move whenever that phone rings.


So there we have three super simple ways to add a little strength and health back into your daily routine straight away. What do you think, can you see yourself giving any of these ideas a go this weekend? Share your thoughts, and any other tips you might have in the comments below. Thanks for reading everyone, have a happy weekend.



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