What To Watch To Unwind This Autumn


As National Work Life week comes to an end here in the UK today, and with the autumnal evenings drawing in and the temperature starting to drop, today seems like a good day to share some cosy weekend inspiration with ideas for what to watch this autumn when you just want to indulge in the TV and relax. I've picked four shows or series that perhaps haven't received as much hype as the likes of Netflix favourites Narcos or The Get Down but in my opinion are all very worthy of a watch.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Now I'm normally a proponent of keeping yourself moving and therefore sitting in front of the TV doesn't fall wisely into that particular category. Too much sofa time is a bad thing but every now and again it's much needed and can be helpful when it's cold outside and you want a few hours entertainment without too much effort. Life's all about balance after all! Besides you can always banish the backside blues brought on by too much sofa time and try sitting on the floor instead! 

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Back to the subject in hand and here are some of my favourite watches for the autumn season. If you haven't had the chance to catch these already then I'd recommend picking one to suit your unwind and relax style then just sit back and enjoy.



1. If You Liked Making A Murderer Try: THE FEAR OF 13

I don't think there are many of us left now who haven't sat back and gasped in shock, confusion and horror at the true life story portrayed in controversial documentary Making a Murderer. If you're looking for a little more true life crime, mystery and worrying miscarriage of justice then one off documentary 'The Fear of 13' is going to be for you.

Told exclusively by convicted murderer Nick Yarris who has spent 20 years on death row and who happens to be such an incredible storyteller that you have to look up the credits more than once to check he isn't an actor, this tale unravels to show that in this stranger than fiction scenario absolutely nothing is quite as it at first may seem.

Available on Netflix and Amazon.

2. For Sex And The City, Meets Bridget Jones, Meets Girls Check Out: FLEABAG

The Telegraph reviewed Fleabag as "a gloriously rude, and far funnier, update of Bridget Jones" and I think that perfectly sums up this six-part comedy written by and starring the very brilliant Pheobe Waller-Bridge.

Adapted from the award-winning one-woman show of the same name that began life at the Edinburgh Fringe and was later staged at the Soho Theatre back in 2013, this is a funny, intimate and at times eye-popping and draw-dropping portrayal a woman navigating modern life in the city. It hits you fast in the face from the very first scene and continues on a ride of delight, disgust and despair the entire way through. 

Get it on demand via BBC iPlayer.

3. Navigate The Highs And Lows, Empathise And Cringe At Modern Relationships With: LOVE

I'm a big fan of producer Judd Apatow with This is 40, Trainwreck and Pineapple Express being three of my all time faves. So when I heard that he had recently produced an original series for Netflix I was, of course, keen to check it out - and I'm glad that I did.

The TV series 'Love' is another look at the complications of modern romance, stateside this time, and is one of those series that both infuriates and makes you smile at the same time. It's an enjoyable and somewhat addictive watch as boy meets girl and they spend an awful lot of time not making things work in a kind of awkward will they won't they scenario. This subtle insight into the many complications of love and the human condition is in my book a worthy and interesting watch.

Find it on Netflix.

4. Go All Nordic Noir And Thrill Yourself With Icelandic Crime Drama: TRAPPED

I think it's all this recent talk of hygge over here in the UK (more on that here next week) that has made me want to embrace the autumnal cosiness with blankets, candles, dim lighting and snuggly socks. But what better way to take that comfortable edge off of your hoo-ga and make it more exciting, than with a little nordic noir in the form of a good old 'whodunnit and what exactly have they done?!' kind of a thriller!

Step forward Icelandic TV series Trapped. As a huge storm hits a small Icelandic town cutting them off for days from the rest of the world, a body (well part of it) is found by a trawler just along the coastline and a murder investigation begins. Time and resources are critically low as the local police try to piece together what's happened all the while with the murderer seemingly trapped in the town alongside everyone else. This is a great watch that will keep you gripped throughout. Mainly in Icelandic with English subtitles, but trust me it's all the better for it and it certainly makes you focus as you watch closely to find out just what on earth is going on.

Available on Amazon.


What have you been watching lately that you'd highly recommend? Have you seen any of the above and how would you review them? Let me know what you think and in the meantime enjoy your weekend and happy watching.