Checking In On Your New Years Resolutions


Back in January I watched a great webinar put together by Bupa focused on behavioural science and applying it to help keep to your resolutions for the New Year. There were many top tips for how you can train yourself to make your resolutions actually stick - for once! Now that we're firmly embedded into the year of 2016, and perhaps some of our best laid plans from January have already started to wane, I thought it might be useful to revisit this webinar. Watching it again recently was very beneficial to me and it may well help you too if you're struggling to stay on track.

Image Source: Pexels 

Image Source: Pexels 

In the webinar Behavioural Scientist Sarah O'Farrell focuses on how you can form long term sustainable habits and achieve your goals. With many useful and actionable tips based on scientific fact and research Sarah offers a number of simple ways that we can all implement right now to help us actually hold fast to our resolutions and future plans. Whether that be work or lifestyle goals, she considers everything from healthy eating and exercise regimes to understanding your willpower and getting into the practice of mindfulness.

There are three key areas of focus:

  • Sustaining Healthy Eating Regimes
  • Creating Positive Exercise Habits
  • Generally Finding More Energy For A Motivated 2016

Sarah looks at creating lifelong habits, taking small goals and using them to achieve bigger ones, understanding willpower and how to build your willpower muscle, the vital importance of a good nights sleep and how to achieve it, as well as how mindfulness can minimise stress and speed up your physical and psychological recovery. It's a really, really useful watch and I for one have many pages of notes scribbled down from what I picked up and want to put into practice!

For today I thought I'd share the link for anyone interested in watching and learning more. Over time I think I will have to share a few more posts on some of the areas covered as they serve as interesting areas of discussion in their own right - especially the section on sleep, something I know we all struggle with especially during periods of high stress.

So for anyone feeling a little disheartened that their grand new year plans haven't quite hit the mark as hoped, don't give up just yet. Watch this video and learn more about some actionable ways you can form longer term, healthy habits. I hope you find it as useful as I did.