Beautiful Things For A New Home Or Office


I think I mentioned last week that we're currently in the process of moving house. It's been a bit of a bigger task than expected because where we are now has a lot more storage than where we're heading. As usual when there's space to fill you fill it and over the past few years we've squirrelled away a lot of stuff that we really should've sorted out sooner! But now that the mega clear out and clean up has been completed I thought I'd share a few moving home or office related bits and pieces on the blog today. Seeing as that's all that's been on my mind just recently.

Now I could focus on a to do list of all of the practical but ultimately quite boring things that need to be done when moving but that's not what I had in mind today! Nope, I wanted to make this post a fun resource focused on making your new house or office feel like home. So I've put together a list of places to shop for unique homewares because I know I'm always looking for new ways to inspire me and to liven up my space and I imagine other people are too! Things that would be really beautiful for anyone setting up a new space. Plus I've been clipping and pinning ideas from all over the place. Click the picture above for furnishing fun or head over to Pinterest to my Dream Office and Taking Notes boards that are choc full of beautiful things to get you feeling inspired.


There are many beautiful places to pick up pretty home accessories, candles, cushions, prints and all sorts of things these days, especially online. This list could be endless but some of my current favourites would have to include the following:

1. Urban Outfitters have a really beautiful home section full of very unique and unusual pieces. Beautiful art and prints, urban inspired furnishings, electricals with a vintage feel, lighting and gorgeous stationery.

2. Bold & Noble we have a map of the world print from Bold & Noble and it's just gorgeous! Prints put together using the written place names of the area of which it's depicting. Unusual and also quite useful!

3. Home & Pantry don't have the hugest online range but what they do have is gorgeous! Scandinavian inspired decor, prints, modern and unique furnishings. Have a browse and I'm sure you'll find something to fall in love with.

4. H&M Home who doesn't love H&M! And their foray into homeware is just as loveable as well as very affordable. Cushions, throws, rugs, kitchen ware, vases and other lovely and reasonably priced items to help style your new space without having to break the bank.

5. Oliver Bonas I love the quirky and modern feel of the home section in Oliver Bonas. Beautiful accessories, photo frames and really individual furniture. Lots of inspiration for sparkling up your new surroundings.

Where do you like to shop for new home and office prettiness? Have I missed your favourite off of this list? Let me know and if you're looking to furnish a new space then I hope you enjoy browsing for ideas and find these suggestions useful.