What's On My Desk? February Life And Learning

I'm going to state the obvious line here but can you believe it's the end of February already? Seriously? 2016 will be over in a monumental flash at this rate! That said I still have some favourites to share with you for the shorter month of Feb. A couple of desk-top treats as well as highlights from the month just passed. So let's crack on and take a little look ...

What's On My Desk February 2016

February was the month that we moved house and it was stressful, as moving always is. With so much to organise alongside keeping up with work and other commitments, edges started to fray just a little and I had to exercise a lot of the advice I share here on the blog about getting balance in order to keep organised and in check - well ish! 

These sort of upheavals can often leave you feeling a little run down and that's where my first favourite for this month came in very handy indeed. I discovered the absolute goodness of Plenish Juices in our new local store and have been using them to inject some much needed energy, vitamins and nutrition back into my body whilst on the go.

Low sugar, high protein and mainly vegetable based raw juices, cold pressed to maintain their nutritional value, these pack a huge punch of loveliness in each and every bottle. They aren't cheap, so for me they'll be something to reach for when in a real rush and in desperate need of a boost. They are however delicious, fresh and just what you need when you're starting to feel as if you're really running on empty.

Now in order to bring a sense of calm and a welcoming scent of loveliness in our new home I reached for the gorgeous Neom De-Stress Home Mist. A long time fan of Neom, their candles are just pure scented goodness, I thought the mist was well worth a try - and I'm happy to say I was right! The blend of lavender, rosewood and jasmine amongst other gorgeous essential oils, leaves you feeling as if you've just stepped into the most calming and relaxing spa and have nothing to worry about but just switching off and relaxing. A little spritz of this before bed has been doing wonders for the tetchy, frazzled mind!

Another beautiful little treat that came my way this month was in the form of a very lovely Valentines gift from hubby, making me a very lucky girl indeed! The luscious Tom Ford Lipstick in First Time has been my go to lip product of choice since it came my way. A pretty and subtle, pinky, nude that is perfect for all day wear as well as an evening look with a smoky eye. I could never really justify the cost of these lipsticks, as beautiful as they are, I mean look at that sleek packaging and beautiful TF inscribed bullet just screaming 'love me!' They are a huge splurge even for a designer lipstick. I do however adore this colour and it's incredibly lovely to wear so it's not just style, there's some real substance in the quality of the product too.

In terms of learning this February I was really so lucky to have the chance to attend the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Course at Google HQ in London and I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned. Mindfulness, meditation, journaling, listening and conversation styles, all sorts of tools to add to my work-life armoury! I'm working on putting everything into a series of posts to share with you as we speak so check back soon to learn lots more.

So that concludes a little of what went down for me this February! What have you learned and loved this month? Share your thoughts below and here's to a fulfilling March and to spring that's hopefully awaiting just around the corner. Have a great last day of February everyone!