On My Desk In March And Other Adventures!


March was an odd month for me, I've been a little quiet over here in this space, despite my best efforts, in order to sort out some other 'stuff!' Yet I still don't feel I've achieved an awful lot as I'd hoped. So I'm marking March down to experience and moving on happily to the bright new month of April today with lots that I'm looking forward to sharing with you soon. But before we skip head first into a new month here's a little look at a few things that I loved during the month of March. Things that I hope might also inspire you. Plus don't forget to share your thoughts and favourites with me too!

A Color Story App

1. Staying bright and bold, upping my Insta game with the A Color Story Photo Editing App. 

I love that people have beautiful Instagram themes and I do appreciate the beauty of the ever popular white and chic, Scandi style Instagram accounts that a lot of people are going for these days. They are beautiful and I can understand the appeal for sure but my life and the work I do just isn't always sleek, simple and mainly pale or white! Personally I love living life in glorious technicolour and I want to embrace that in what I share on The What Now Blog's Instagram feed. So this app has been a real winner in my eyes. Created by the team over at the blog A Beautiful Mess, you can really bring some extra vibrancy to your photos using the beautiful filters and effects in this bright and bold, easy to use app offering.

2. Starting the day with a tasty treat in the form of the Rude Health Spiced Apple Granola.

I really struggle to know what to eat for breakfast somedays I really do! My wholemeal toast offerings are starting to bore me and I don't always have the time or enthusiasm for whipping up anything else. So I've been loving tucking into a bowl of this apple-ly goodness doused with a little almond milk. It fills me up and sets me up for the morning. Delicately sweet, it's a treat with a price to match but I enjoy sneaking this one into my weekly shop every now and again to perk up those early morning mealtimes!

3. Learning new things with Guardian Masterclasses.

A few Sunday's ago I went to my first Guardian Masterclass and loved it! It was a day long course held at 1 Wimpole Street in London. This class was all about how to live a healthier and happier life - now who doesn't want to know that?! Speakers covered a variety of topics ranging from nutrition, relationship building, happiness and sleep. There was a lot to take in and at some point soon I hope to pick up my many notes and share a bit of what I learned here with you on the blog. If you've never heard of Guardian Masterclasses before then I'd recommend checking them out. They host a vast array of courses that range from a few hours to a full days learning. Covering topics from business to mindfulness and all sorts in between. A great way to learn something new, get some inspiration and network with other likeminded souls.

Guardian Masterclasses

4. Chowing down and catching up with a good friend at The Detox Kitchen.

A week or so ago I had my first experience of the ever popular Detox Kitchen with a visit to one of their London deli's. I was hoping to run a full review but I got so busy chatting that the few photos I took didn't really hold up to show you the best of the place. So I guess I'll have to venture back another time and that's just fine with me! We visited the teeny and cute little deli located on Kingly Street and filled ourselves up very happily with a huge salad box full of fresh and tasty delights, fresh green smoothies and a cheeky little raw beetroot brownie. A great place to swing by if you're looking for a much healthier option on your lunch break but don't want to sacrifice flavour and the satisfaction of eating great food. I'll certainly be popping in again next time I'm nearby.

What did you get up to in March and do you have any exciting new favourites to share? Let me know if you're a fan of any of the above or plan to try any out for yourself?

Have a great weekend and see you soon.