Stationery Love And Dream Office Spaces!


This week marks National Stationery Week here in the UK. A week to celebrate the glory of all things stationery and also to highlight the importance of the hand written word - the fact that writing matters. In fact there is a huge connection between the act of handwriting and the influence this has on the rational adult mind. Anyone who journals will probably know how beneficial they find this for their wellbeing and for dealing with anxiety and stress. As a generation we all wrote so much as kids but now all we do is tap away at a computer, and future generations will likely not take pen to paper very much at all. This in itself is such an interesting topic and I for one still believe in the power and the benefits of the written word. Yet like so many of us, I now struggle to put to pen to paper and actually write more than just a few scribbled words on my shopping list! 

Interested in this topic? Read more here: Handwriting vs typing: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard? via The Guardian.

Paperchase Blogger Event April 2016 Flat Lay

But the subject of writing and of journalling is one I'd like to come back to at another point in time! For today I'm thinking dream workspaces and the beauty of stationery, how it can make our spaces come to life and give us the inspiration and motivation that we need to get us through the day.

In fact just this morning as I walked across London with my other half we got to a discussion about the pros and cons of the current craze of hot desking or 'activity based workplaces' and it occurred to me that this too has a link to today's post. While many employers may be moving to embrace the hot desk mantra, often employees in this situation are left feeling disconnected at not having their own space in which to 'nest' and call home during their working day. Time and again I'm struck by how important the right space is for our productivity as well as our wellbeing at work.

What are your thoughts on the hot desk trend? Read more here: 'Hot Desking' Is A Big Trend - Here's Why A Lot Of People Hate It via Business Insider.

Last night I was pleased to have the opportunity to assist in leading a blogging event with Paperchase held in their flagship Tottenham Court Road store and we got ourselves involved in doing just that. Creating beautiful 'dream workspace' layouts, flat-lays using gorgeous stationery, motivational quotes and fun but functional office based essentials in a way that showed how creative and inspirational we can make our workspace. I was really impressed by the creative compositions that the bloggers so swiftly put together so I thought today I'd share some of my own thoughts on what makes a working space great. If you missed it you might also find my recent post on how to create a healthier workspace useful too.



1. Embrace Your Workplace Style

  • Decide what you want and need the space to do for you.
  • Consider what sort of style and trend appeals to you. Perhaps industrial, country, modern, classic?
  • What are you trying to achieve in your space? Are you in desperate need of a constant supply of inspiration, motivation, productivity? How can you bring this to the space?
  • Finally have a good think about the essential key things that you need to get the job done. Notebooks? Pens? Staplers? Paperclips?! How can you incorporate these in a fun but functional way?

2. Storage Matters

  • Bear in mind the practicalities of the space in which you're working. How can you style a smart, fun but also functional space? What storage might you need?

3. Consider Your Own Work Wellbeing As Well As Productivity Boosters

  • Keep clutter to a minimum, maybe implement plants for greenery (bring the outside in for wellbeing), keep things light and bright, will you need a clock for timing and ensuring you take regular breaks etc?

4. Visual Is Key

  • Inspire yourself with visual props. Perhaps motivational quotes, posters? What will keep you feeling creative? Keep these things in eyeshot to keep you feeling happy and motivated.

5. Play With Pops Of Colour Or Colour Themes

  • Will you opt for a one-colour theme? Perhaps keep it muted but with pops of different colour? Maybe calm? Maybe bright? What appeals to you?
  • Certain colours help with different things, blue is calming, yellow is good for creativity, green is good for longs hours and stress. Perhaps you want to bring this into your space if you have a particular need to address?

6. Personalise With Individual Touches

  • Once you have pulled your main theme together, how will you add in a little bit of yourself and your own personality? Photo frames holding your favourite memories? Your favourite mug for your coffee break? Something fun that speaks to you and makes you feel at home in your space! 


What would you do if you had free reign to be as creative as possible with your workspace? Plus are you a stationery lover too? How do you use stationery to accessorise and perk up your space? 

Let me know your thoughts and happy National Stationery Week to all you fellow stationery fans out there!