How To Make Work-Life Balance Work: TED Talk

Ah the inimitable premise of work-life balance! A topic I've talked about a lot here on this blog and something I've given insurmountable thought to over the past few years as I've watched so many people around me struggle with the hefty pressures of the workplace time and time again.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Work-life balance is a term that implies we should always be treading some sort of invisible perfect line between our work and our life and that if we aren't getting it consistently right then we're kind of missing out or doing something wrong. Yet we all know that's just completely impossible in the grand scheme and reality of the modern day workplace.

There are other terms for such a subject being debated out there in the big wide world right now that might I suppose be more suitable, the most recent of which being work-life blend which I guess is slightly better - although it's not really a term that I particularly feel all that excited to embrace!

I'm understanding more and more that the idea of balance is deceptive. We are constantly out of kilter in life. There are so many pulls in so many different directions. What's important is how we continue to assess and realise when something is starting to pull us too hard in one direction leaving little time for anything else. If we realise that a certain pull is consequently making us unwell or unhappy then how do we redress the state of things and come back to a place that allows us a little more peace?

It's also important to find a way of working out what really matters. I came across this talk by Nigel Marsh a few weeks ago: How To Make Work-Life Balance Work (embedded below for ease of playing!) and it kind of nicely sums up the realities of the pressures many of us face.

It's not a new talk, it was given back in 2010 and chances are you may have already seen it if this type of subject interests you. But if you haven't then I'm sharing it today because I think it's a particularly concise and interesting listen on the heady topic of work-life balance, especially if you're also trying to juggle the pressures of a young family as well, the added difficulties of which I can't even begin to imagine!

Nigel Marsh is a former CEO of global advertising company Leo Burnett as well as turning his hand to many other creative pursuits. As author of the book 'Fat, Forty and Fired' he has had very definitive first hand experience of trying to figure out what work-life balance actually means! I certainly think it's an interesting listen and I hope you'll also find it worthwhile.

PLUS: I'm intrigued to know what work-life balance means for you? Is it something that you struggle with? Perhaps you enjoy the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle and finding better balance is an idea that holds no real importance for you? Let me know what you think and how you approach your working lifestyle?

I'd love to gather some of your thoughts, especially if you've personally written anything on the subject, for sharing in some upcoming posts on a similar topic. Leave any links in the comments below or Tweet me with your ideas!