Practical Festival And Travel Worthy Packing Picks


Having just returned from a wet but wonderful weekend at this years Glastonbury Festival, and with many further festivals that others will be attending over the next few months, today I thought it might be useful to share some useful bits and bobs well worth packing if you too are heading off for festival fun, or indeed packing for any sort of travel worthy adventure over the summer.

Lifeventure Festival Survival Kit

The lovely people over at Lifeventure* very kindly sent over a package of useful festival ready goodies to take to this years Glastonbury. So I thought I would run through some of the bits and pieces that came in most useful. Practical items that really will stand you well wherever you are and whatever the weather. Plus having been on many backpacking adventures in my time, I know for certain these will come in incredibly handy for budding explorers everywhere.



A torch is always useful when camping at a festival or indeed on any type of outdoor or backpacking type of travel experience. We always carry a torch of some sort and a head torch is ideal because it leaves you hands free to navigate, carry your baggage or just generally balance yourself in the sticky, slippery mud! You can also use the strap to attach it to the top of your tent once you reach your destination so you can get yourself organised before finally laying down to get some rest. This one was particularly useful because it has a selection of lighting modes based on what you might need, gives incredible bright and clear light, and came with batteries which is always something that I forget to pick up and run around last minute trying to organise!

Security and ease are always top priority for me on any adventure. I always take a body wallet when embarking on slightly less luxurious travels and have previously used something similar when backpacking around Asia as well as Central America in the past. They're a great way to keep your most important documents and much needed cash safely on your person without advertising to the world that they're even there. Easy to hide discreetly under your clothing and a great way to remain hands free in trickier situations. This multi pocket one is great because, as the name suggests, it has a variety of sections in which to file away and organise your money and valuable documents such as tickets, ID etc. With three sizeable zipped compartments you can keep everything separate for ease of retrieval. It's also made of a much friendlier fabric than some that I've used before. The soft fabric doesn't stick to your skin or make you feel itchy or uncomfortable!

Multi Pocket Body Wallet

I always put together a first aid kit for trips away, especially ones where you're going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere for a sizeable amount of time. Whilst many festivals do have pharmacies and medical tents onsite, I always find it helpful to have my own basic kit with me. It saves queuing, plus you can never find the resources you need when you need them! So it's usually quicker and easier all round to have access to your own. When travelling overseas, especially to slightly more cut off destinations, having a mini first aid kit in your bag is always a must. This one has everything you need to tackle minor general first aid issues that you may come across. Plus the loop on the back is really useful for attaching it to your belt or backpack.

Pocket First Aid Kit

Now we all know that most festivals (in the UK at least) are synonymous with a form of rainfall at some point in the proceedings. Glastonbury certainly didn't disappoint on that front this year! A DriStore bag comes in very handy for protecting your belongings, keeping them clean and dry amongst festival, trekking or travelling rain and mud. There's nothing worse than all your belongings getting soaked within the first few seconds of your trip. This 5 litre one is quite small but ideal for day bags. I used it to keep my essentials in inside my bag as I wasn't that worried about the bag itself but didn't want the important items inside to get hurt!

These handy little things pack away neatly so are really easy to carry with you when space and weight is limited, they're incredibly soft and lightweight - very useful. Although they are supposed to be extremely absorbent I don't find they beat a real towel on that front which can be frustrating. But when you need to take a towel and don't have much space then they are definitely one of the best options. 

Other Useful Festival Picks


Digital Hardcase: Festival-ing, trekking and outdoor fun can be tough on belongings so alongside a DriStore bag (mentioned above) to protect from the elements, protecting your electronics from a potential hefty battering is also helpful too. This case offered sturdy protection for my smaller Canon camera that I like to carry with me everywhere I go. Also with a handy loop on the back to attach to your belt or clothing for easy, hands free use. 

Duct Tape: Always comes in handy for fixing things, patching things up and sticking things down! This one is a really handy pocket sized amount. Just enough to come in useful, not so much that it's a hassle to lug it around with you. 

Dry Wash: Useful to carry around in your day bag, especially when festival bound. I don't even need to bring up the subject of festival toilets, I'm sure the horror and the legend already precedes them. Although some have taps or hand gel available, the queue for the tap is often longer than the queue for the loo itself and the gel runs out on a regular basis. Carrying your own around is recommended. This bottle was enough to get through the entire weekend. Antibacterial gel with no need for water, it smells lovely and could also be used for a full body wash if those showers either don't exist or you are put off by yet another chance to stand and queue.

Travel Ear Plugs: An essential for festival goers actually wishing to get some sleep, or if you just want to dull the noise a little after partying too hard the night before. Always worth having with you for all sorts of travels and adventures. 

SoftFibre Inflatable Travel Pillow: I didn't use this for Glastonbury but I think it will come in very handy for other travels, especially for long flights to tropical destinations! This one has an easy to inflate valve, a removable, washable cover and looks very useful and easy to use. So whilst I can't fully review this right now I will keep you posted about the handiness of this as I plan to take it with me on some other upcoming adventures later this year.

Glow Sticks: Well you can never have enough colour, fun and glow at a festival can you! We used these on the last night during Coldplay's set. We had already been given the changing coloured wristbands onsite so we attached these to our person for some extra glow and to really get in the spirit of things - why not hey! Lightweight and easy to carry around in your day bag, these were sturdy and easy to use, just snap and go. They last for up to 15 hours so yes they were still glowing at the foot of our tent the following morning! 

All of the above can be found on the Lifeventure website apart from the glow sticks which you can find here. Check out what else they have to offer that may come in incredibly handy for any upcoming travels.

Thank you to Lifeventure for giving me the opportunity to try out some of these useful festival and travel related accessories, and indeed helping me to survive the muddy joy that was this years Glastonbury Festival. If you're looking for inspiration for any future adventures then I hope this run down comes in useful and if you're festival bound this summer have a fantastic time. Live, laugh, love and enjoy!



*I was sent this selection to try out and review. All of the opinions are as always 100% my own and I would not share products or items if I didn't believe they were worthy of doing so.