Summer Season Blog Inspiration: Three Top Picks

I love reading other blogs for ideas and inspiration or just to connect with a voice that is able to motivate or relate to myself, my life, perhaps my fears and my personal aspirations. That's the beauty of blogging, the voices that get heard in a way that they might not previously have done so and the ideas that we can find in an instant and use to explore, learn and excite in our own lives.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Whilst I know there's a lot of discussion out there in the blogging world about how much it has changed, the commercialism in some instances and the general number of us all and the wave of content coming our way, I still think that blogging is a wonderful tool both for the reader and the author. Recently I posted about cutting back and being more discerning about what I consume online, but that said (!) today I wanted to share some inspiring blogs that are currently making my personal cut. I hope they also offer something for you to enjoy as well. I've picked three of my current favourites, blogs that are bringing me ideas especially right now during the brighter summer months.



1. For staying stylishly inspired during the summer months (and all year round) I've been loving the blog Fashion Me Now by Lucy Williams. Lucy doesn't just blog about fashion, there's plenty of beauty, travel and lifestyle to feed on as well, but I do so love her style - she is a fashion editor after all. I have to admit I can often be found coveting her Instagram feed for outfit inspiration, especially if I'm about to go away somewhere as she seems to have that effortless beach chic and travel style down to an absolute t!

One of my favourite style posts of late has to be Return of the Noughties sharing some love for this forgotten fashion decade.

2. When my inner explorer is in need of new ideas both at home and away then I love to turn to A Lady In London by Julie Falconer. An award winning blog written by Julie who is originally from San Francisco but now based in London. Julie explores the world as well as her love for her new(ish) home town of London and I always enjoy her posts for the wealth of places to explore and discover. It's usually the London posts that inspire the most for me - top 10 lists of everything from beautiful museum cafes to famous and historic London toilets! 

This summer I'll certainly be looking to explore these 7 Best Summer Gardens to Discover in London.

3. When I'm feeling hungry and in need of incredible edible delights it has to be Eat Like A Girl by Niamh. The food photography on this blog will have you drooling from the outset and will inspire you to get into your kitchen and cook - or to get out and about and sample some of the delectable delights available in her favourite restaurant finds the city and far beyond. Recently Niamh has been sharing some unbelievably tasty looking BBQ recipes ready for the sunshine to make an appearance. The perfect pit stop for foodie inspiration all year round.

One thing I'll be cooking this summer is this Asparagus, Pancetta, Egg and Tomato Summer Tart.


Which blogs are you currently craving a daily dose of for finding summer motivation and inspiration? Let me in on your secret picks too and enjoy the sunshine - it's actually out here today so I'm off now to enjoy it!