Post Work Refresh: Super Simple Gazpacho Soup


It's been a while since I shared anything foodie related here on the blog so today seemed like a good day to offer up a simple, refreshing soup recipe that I've been enjoying all summer long. Even though September is here and the autumn is showing slow signs of breaking through, the days are still pretty warm and stuffy right now. So this easy little number is both tasty and revitalising, along with a good dose of healthy goodness as well. 

Gazpacho Soup

Now cold soup might not be everyone's bag! But I love Gazpacho, especially when it's really fresh, a little crunchy with a good kick of spicy heat and super chilled when served. The recipe I've been using comes from the latest book by nutritionist Amelia Freer called Cook Nourish Glow and is really pretty easy to master. Basically chuck a load of good stuff into a food processor, blend, chill and then eat. Simple! I use red onion instead of the suggested spring onion and that works really well - mainly because red onion is normally what I have in the house hence the simple substitution. 

Gazpacho Soup
Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho Soup

(slightly adapted from the original recipe, check out the book for more tasty and healthy inspiration)

Serves 4


1 red pepper (deseeded and chopped), 1/2 stick of celery roughly chopped, 1/4 cucumber (you can deseed but I don't bother and it works fine), 500g ripe tomatoes, 1/2 red onion (or 1 spring onion if you prefer), 1/2 clove garlic, 1 handful of fresh basil, 1 and a 1/2 teaspoons of sherry vinegar, a healthy dash of tabasco, sea salt and ground black pepper.


Basically put all of the ingredients (apart from the basil) into a food processor and blitz to your required consistency. The recipe states until smooth but I like mine a teeny bit chunky to have some crispy bite so I stop just before it is fully blended.

Season to taste with salt and pepper and add more tabasco and sherry vinegar if required to bring it to your preferred heat and sharpness. Sometimes I actually add a little more garlic and give it an extra blitz to blend. We love garlic in our house and we aren't afraid to show it!

Leave your soup to chill in the fridge for at least two hours. I just put it into a clickable tupperware box. 

Serve garnished with a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves. You can make this in large batches and it will happily keep in the fridge for a good few days.


So this weekend why not try this ultimate veggie hit of goodness to cool you down and keep you fighting fit. Make a batch on a Sunday evening and enjoy it, nicely chilled and fresh, when you get home from work throughout the week. Enjoy!