5 Quotes To Keep You Going This January


When the New Year dawns we are often so filled with the optimism of that clean slate, new beginnings and a chance to get stuck into all of our New Years resolutions. But as the long month of January goes on it can be hard to keep up with all of that initial heartfelt enthusiasm! Now we've passed that middle of the month mark and with today well known as the dreaded Blue Monday, if your determination and best-laid plans have started to flag, then here is a selection of my favourite pick me up quotes that I hope will help to remind you of your goals and renew your sense of spirit and motivation. Enjoy them as your Monday dawns and don't forget to share with me your personal favourite quotes as well.

Quotes To Keep You Going This January


Failure is all part of the game. For some reason, especially in the UK I think, we have such a huge fear of failure and treat it as if it means the end. But each and every failure is a step towards your goal, it's a chance to learn from your mistakes and make better on them the next time. I'll also turn here to a further quote well worth remembering from the great Nelson Mandela - "I Never Lose. I Either Win Or Learn."

Quotes To Keep You Going This January


This quote from author Karen Lamb is a great one for kicking you up the butt when you need it most! We all fall foul to procrastination and often put off our best and brightest ideas when we really should just grab inspiration by the horns and get started straight away. Stay determined, fight off those should's, would's and could's and false fears that crush our motivation and get started on that new project right away. Life is short so make each day count and fill the years, as much as you can, with the things that matter the most.

Quotes To Keep You Going This January


Isn't it so tricky sometimes to forget the past and look forward to the future? I love this quote because it renews the excitement in what might lay ahead and makes me feel motivated and inspired to pick myself up and carry on. Sometimes it might not even be a bad past that we're struggling to let go of. It may well be that we feel all of the good opportunities have already passed us by and we hold no optimism for anything further to look forward to in the future. But there are always new chances and goals to reach for. We just have to open our eyes and witness them when they come our way.

Quotes To Keep You Going This January


I guess this is very similar to the last quote but I feel it is more about letting go of regret and the mistakes of yesterday that might still be hiding within you. Part of being able to move forward with new projects and to move on from previous mistakes and failures is obviously being able to leave the past in the past. Once you have taken all of the lessons that you can from the errors that you may have made, there comes a time where you must forgive yourself and move forward without regret. To me, this quote sums up that need perfectly and serves as a reminder that unless we let go we cannot start afresh.

Quotes To Keep You Going This January


Ok so we all know that every day isn't always a good day, but looking at life with that intention can only do us good not harm. It's hard to always stay positive and can take a concerted effort. But if you have in your heart that you will do your best to make each day a good day then at least you're stepping off into the year in the right frame of mind. It doesn't mean you can't have moments where you falter and fail, it just means you're striving forward with a positive outlook and this quote picks me up and reminds me of this when perhaps I'm not feeling that way.

Which of these quotes holds most true for you? Do you have a favourite reminder that perks you up when you're feeling low and uninspired? I love quotes and am always on the look out for new inspiration so let me know some of your favourites too.