What's in my Work Bag?

This post was promised a little while ago if any of you follow the blog on Facebook or Vine but it's taken a while to get round to putting it up. It's just a little peek at the things that I'll often pack into my hefty work bag on a day to day basis when heading off to meetings or events. Some bits and pieces that I've had for a while versus some new favourites that I thought some of you might enjoy - a lot of which I snapped up in the sales so bargain hunters beware. 

Let's take a look ...

The Selection.

The Selection.


I'll start with the more useful things in my bag before moving on to some of the more fun bits. This is minus some of the boring necessities like door keys etc. I didn't think you'd really enjoy seeing them all that much!

BAG: I love this bag, it's from Zara and I think it's currently on sale. I can't find a link to this exact one online anymore but I've definitely still seen it in store. It's not leather but has that kind of feel about it, mine is dark green but they also have them in black, dark blue and tan I think. Even out of sale it wasn't too pricey but if you like the look of it then head down to your local Zara asap and see if you can nab it at bargain price!

The reason that I love this so much is that it's really just a big open 'bucket' style bag that you can load with a ton of stuff. However in the middle it has a zipped compartment that is fastened by poppers so it can be removed if you wish. This zipped area can fit a sizeable amount and is perfect for keeping your valuables safe especially when on the tube for example. It's where I keep my phone, keys, purse etc. Great all round bag for everyday use.

SCARF: My scarf was a gift and came from Liberty but is made by the lovely brand Lily and Lionel. It's huge and I absolutely love it - so big I could live in it! I like to have a scarf hiding somewhere at the bottom of my bag because even the hottest of days in the UK can suddenly turn chilly without prior notice. A scarf is a great tool to have with you to fashion some sort of warmth for yourself when needed without having to lug a jacket around all day.

GLASSES CASE: I can't live without my reading glasses these days. My glasses are just some simple standard Boots ones, I've tried the fancy fashion ones, I'd love some trendier, thicker framed glasses but they always look a bit silly on me. I do like my current glass case though. It's tough but pretty with the floral and insect pattern. It's from Paperchase - again I'm afraid I can't find an online link anymore and think it might be on sale, however they do have lots of other lovely choices to pick from here.

PHONE CASE: Well there's no real need to show you my phone (we all have them these days!) but I wanted to mention the case. It's a lovely bronzy, gold case by NW3 from Hobbs - they call it brown but I say bronze, definitely! I have the matching tablet and E-Book case and I love them - another sales bargain and you can still find them here.

NOTEBOOK: Another sales purchase, this time from Rymans and a brand called Sanderson. Reduced from something like £6 to £1.50 it's a lovely notebook and each page is very finely perforated near the binding so you can neatly remove your notes and file them away.

CARD HOLDER: Sometimes when heading out to work or for meetings I don't want to carry my entire huge purse as it's heavy and I just don't need everything that's in it. On these occasions I will pack my little leather card holder with my key bits and bobs. It's just a plain black credit card sized holder from & Other Stories and it actually fits quite a lot in so comes in very useful. I have it in black which is still available at full price but the blue and beige ones are currently on sale and well worth checking out in my opinion.

BUSINESS CARDS: Starting out as a blogger is all about building your blog and your readership. It helps to network and build as many connections and tell as many people as you can what you're up to. That's why I decided to invest in some business cards quite early on just so I had something to give to people when talking about what I was doing. Otherwise it can be tricky to explain and tricky for people to remember. 

I have always loved the look of the mini cards that MOO.com produce so was very excited to have an excuse to purchase some of my own and I'm very pleased with the results. You can design your own by uploading photos and choosing your own colours and fonts or you can select one of their online designs. The quality is great and the mini ones are perfect for squeezing in my card holder! They're perfect for my requirements at the moment as I grow what I'm doing - helping me to spread the word. If you're thinking of getting something like this for yourself then MOO is worth checking out.

CAMERA: Now that I run this blog I rarely leave home without my camera a fact that I'm sure fellow bloggers can relate to. At the moment as I've only recently started out I'm using my Canon Powershot S120 and I haven't progressed onto anything larger or more complicated just yet.

I find that this fantastic little camera combined with the odd iPhone shot here and there does everything I need right now and I'm always more than pleased with the results. Plus it's a handy compact size so perfect for travelling and carrying around all day. Lovely!


Next the slightly more fun, but still very useful, beauty related section!

DE-STRESS ROLLERBALL: I'm quite into my essential oils and aromatherapy products at the moment, I'm not an expert or anything but I do find that certain things can be helpful in stressful situations. If you've read my post about not being able to sleep that you can find here then you'll know I'm a big fan of Lavender products to help induce restful slumber! I also have this great de-stress rollerball from Tisserand that I keep with me and apply to my wrists and temples to calm me down if things are getting a little hectic.

LIP BALM: At the moment I'm back to my Vaseline Pink Bubbly Lip Balm for the summer. It was a limited edition mini pot and I don't know if it's currently available but it's summery and I love it. I got mine from Boots but Superdrug and even Selfridges also stocked it and I hope it comes back soon!

MINTS: I like to keep some form of mint with me be that gum, tic-tacs or something similar. At the moment I'm loving the Peppersmith Fine English Peppermint Sugar Free Mints. I got these in Boots as well (surprise!) but have seen them in a lot of other stores hanging around the tills.

HAND GEL: I've written about this hand gel before as part of my in-flight travel beauty post. It also makes a regular appearance in my handbag. Very handy and smells divine.

PERFUME: This is from Sephora in the US and is a rollerball version of one of my favourite perfumes the Stella EDP by Stella McCartney. I wish they sold these in the UK as they're so handy, instead I've linked the small 30ml version that you can get here and that is also quite a handy size. If you're in the States then check out these little lovelies as they offer them for many different brands and they are so ideal for your handbag. Sephora is now shipping to the UK so if you're really keen and placing an order anyway then maybe chuck a couple of these into the mix.

COMPACT: The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer is a really handy 'take with me' compact. I should've taken a picture of the inside (note to self for future) but you can see from the link here what it's all about. It's a three piece compact with an undereye brightening concealer, a complexion concealer, and a transparent setting powder as well as a mirror and small sponge thingy! It comes in two colour palettes - light and medium. I have the 'light' version and it's just ideal for fixing things on the go.

HAND CREAM: I struggle with dry skin on my hands terribly in the winter but even still throughout the summer. Therefore I'm always trying new hand creams to soothe and solve this annoying problem. Right now I'm enjoying the PapayaGold PAW PAW Moisturising Balm that can be used on chapped lips as well as on dry skin. Enriched with Bio Active Manuka Honey it really does help soothe irritated skin and actually, although it is a petroleum based balm, I don't find it that sticky or annoying which is probably why I like it so much.

LIPSTICK: Finally I always carry some sort of 'day' suitable lipstick. Something simple that can brighten you up when needed without looking too strong. I have way too many lipsticks but recently I've been enjoying the matte effect and have been reaching for the classic Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach for that peachy, summery feel.

So that concludes the look through my work bag and my current loves.

I'd love to hear what your essentials are - if you have any similar posts or ideas let me know in the comments section below and send me any links.

Farewell for now!


What a Carry On!

Today I've got that Friday feeling, that good kind of Friday feeling that you get ahead of another three day bank holiday weekend. Oh happy day!

Things to keep you amused on board.

Things to keep you amused on board.

If like many others all over the country you're heading off into the sunset after work today to some glorious destination, whether it be to unwind or to party the long weekend away, I thought this might be a good day for a peek into what I carry on board with me when I travel. Some beauty bits to make that inflight journey a little less stressful and a little more luxurious!

Firstly and very importantly don't forget the inflight restrictions imposed on all of your beauty bits! You don't want your best dream creams, sprays and lovely liquids thrown into the bin just as you depart. So reach for the minis, the 100ml and under and pop them into a nice little clear bag. Mine, pictured above, is the smallest from a three part set that I got at Boots. 

Always check the specific hand luggage restrictions for the airline you are flying with ahead of your departure. They all vary and are regularly updated.

Care for your hands and eyes.

Care for your hands and eyes.

For me beauty-wise once I get on board it's all about keeping hydrated. I get terribly dry skin anyway so adding a flight into the mix can cause havoc for days. I also like to carry things to cleanse and clean, especially after visiting the joys of the aircraft toilets! Followed by some little bits to entertain and then relax.

With that in mind lets take a look at what hides away in my little clear bag!


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 

I love this cream because it's so very light and disappears into the skin immediately, yet it has a definite soothing and refreshing feel and perks your skin up straight away. It can work wonders on extremely dry patches of skin very quickly, restoring it to something a little more human and a little less painful. I have a teeny little pot that I think came free as a gift with purchase type of thing, but this little pot of joy has lasted for ages and has done wonders on many an occasion.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Cleansing Gel

I think it's good to have a hand cleansing gel on trips. I know some people question the effectiveness of the antibacterial-ness but if nothing else they are handy for refreshing sticky hands when you can't get to water immediately. Things like that are important to a clean freak like me! The Soap & Glory one smells divine and is my current favourite for overseas adventures.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum

This is particularly useful for those very long haul flights when you start to feel a little sore and puffy and in need of a little refresh. Just roll this under and around the eye area and you'll feel instantly revitalised. Again mine is a tiny one that came free with something else but I've linked above to a 15ml version that you can easily pick up and take on board.

The one thing with this product is that as lovely as it is, it's pretty pricey. If this isn't really in your price range or just not what you would want to spend on an eye serum then a very good drugstore alternative is the 'Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll On' featured in my previous 'What's On My Desk' post here.

Soap & Co Cuticle Oil

I never used to think about my cuticles much until I flew long haul to Dallas with work a little while ago and one of my colleagues was very much into making sure she kept her cuticles nicely hydrated. You know what, she has a point because they can get horribly dry and under nourished especially when flying long haul. This leads to painful, irritating dry bits that you want to pull off causing you even more misery!

Whilst a decent hand cream will do the trick recently I've been taking along a lovely cuticle oil from a company called Soap & Co. This came in a really nice set that my brother-in-law bought me for Christmas (great choice!) and having looked at the companies website in a little more detail whilst researching this post they've got some lovely products many of which are lavender scented - my favourite kind.

Relax and renew.

Relax and renew.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 01

I've written about these lip perfectors before here and I love them. I also have a mini tube of the colour 01 Rose Shimmer and this is the one I like to travel with. It's subtle pale pinky colour will perk you up as you step off of the plane without looking like you've made any effort at all, bonus!

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Rollerball

The 'This Works' products are some of my favourites and I've spoken about their deep sleep range previously in my 'Can't Get No Sleep' post. They do some great gift sets in which you get lots of teeny versions of their greatest products and this is where I picked up my mini rollerball at only 5ml. When you're ready to relax, or if you're a bit of a nervous flyer like me and just need something to lull you into a more serene state, then dab a little bit of this onto your wrists and neck and the soothing lavender will work its wonders.



Finally pack some fun things for your journey. I like to pick up a good magazine to pass the time or I might read the flight away with a good book on my Kindle! 

I'll also take a little compact mirror for all this pampering, to make sure I haven't managed to get streaks of cream all over my face. Plus a good pen! I never have a pen and they always seem to want me to fill something in, so now I make it an essential. My pen is a little bit fancy - a lovely crystal one that was given to me as a gift and I love it!

So wherever you venture this weekend or just over the coming summer months I hope some of the above inspires your future inflight packing rituals. Don't forget to let me know in the comments section any of your travel beauty tips - I love to hear new ideas, tips and tricks.

Happy bank holiday all, have a lovely long weekend (well if you're in the UK I guess) and if you're looking for a little chuckle ahead of the end of the day then this little montage from Buzzfeed might just make you smile:

31 Glorious Things About The British Bank Holiday