Doing The Daily Deskercise

Morning everyone and I hope all is well this brand new (and possibly quite chilly) Monday morning!

Now even though last night was apparently the coldest night yet this winter (well for those of us in the UK so it depends where you're reading this from!) I thought I would still push forward with some Monday motivation. So this morning I'm here to share some ideas for getting you enthused and mobile today and everyday - tips I myself will also be trying to put into practise this coming year.

With the holiday season now behind us and the New Year well and truly underway we're quite possibly all still feeling the effects of the odd mince pie and one or two glasses of wine too many! The thing is to top this off we're all headed back to work to sit at our desks for a prolonged period of time each day. Now this won't encourage enough movement to combat any possible over indulgences or just generally keep us all in good health and well-being.

Lack of daily movement caused by time spent sat in an office really is becoming a common, modern problem. Having its downsides not just for a physical health but also for our mental wellbeing and capacity.

Personally the last few months I have been trying to fix a problem in my lower back that has been causing nerve pain down my leg. I'm under no illusion that sitting in front of a computer day after day and moving too little has played a massive part in this escalating. So this year is going to be the year I really concentrate on keeping moving. By this I don't necessarily mean spending hours and hours each day in the gym, instead I want to consciously take the time to take a break and move myself around. "Sitting will become the new smoking" was a phrase used at the 2014 Hacking Happiness Conference. It's time to make a conscious effort to reverse this.

If you're with me then take a look below for some very simple inspiration as well as some great further reading to help 2015 be the year we all become more energetic and mobile in our daily lives.



1. Inconvenience Yourself! Don't always do things the easy way, little things can make such a big difference. You've probably heard it before but take the stairs not the lift or escalator, where possible walk to work don't take the car or bus for short journeys. Get up those stairs and grab your own jumper don't have someone get it for you. Think through the little things in your daily work and life routine and work out where you can make these small changes to help make a big difference.

2. Take a lunchtime walk. Resist the urge to sit at your desk or on your phone thumbing through social media and take a quick stroll through the town on your lunch break. Even 20 minutes up and away from your desk is better than nothing - and it's so, so important just to get yourself moving. It's highly recommended that we all try and reach at least 10,000 steps a day. Whilst this might sound like a lot it's actually easier to achieve than you might think with just a little bit of motivation. Grab a pedometer and build yourself up slowly but surely. You'll be surprised at what a difference it can make. Read more about the NHS 10,000 steps challenge here for some more ideas.

3. Switch up your phone call habits! The next time you reach for the phone to call someone based in the same office as you stop and think, can you walk to their floor or desk instead and have that conversation face to face? This is a simple but effective way of adding some more movement into your day and a chance to stretch your legs and get those muscles working. If you're making an outside call try standing not sitting and if possible even walking around whilst making the call. Again just getting out of that seat can make a real difference.

4. Meet and move. If you have a meeting scheduled with a colleague to discuss up and coming projects and ideas is there anyway that you can take that meeting on the move? Consider taking a walk as you discuss future plans. The fresh air and the activity will do you good and might just spark some great new thoughts and ideas!

5. Exercise in short bursts - there's an app for that! Now this last point might be a little tricky if you work in a large office environment, but if you work for yourself or in your own private little space then why not make use of technology to remind you to get moving and to exercise in short bursts throughout the working day. I've mentioned before the break time app at the end of this post. This is a great starter for reminding you to get up, take a break and get moving. There are also some brilliant apps out there that will assist you in short bursts of exercise. My personal favourite is the 7 Minute Workout Challenge. An app that you can go into and quickly access a 7 minute workout to get you moving quickly and immediately during your break away from your desk!

So this year let's all make a conscious decision to get up on our feet a little more regularly throughout the average working day. I'm sure we'll all feel better for it and our bodies and minds will thank us for making the effort.


Do you have any great tips for keeping yourself in motion throughout an office bound day or will you be giving any of these ideas a go? Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a very happy and mobile Monday!



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