What To Watch To Unwind This Autumn


As National Work Life week comes to an end here in the UK today, and with the autumnal evenings drawing in and the temperature starting to drop, today seems like a good day to share some cosy weekend inspiration with ideas for what to watch this autumn when you just want to indulge in the TV and relax. I've picked four shows or series that perhaps haven't received as much hype as the likes of Netflix favourites Narcos or The Get Down but in my opinion are all very worthy of a watch.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Now I'm normally a proponent of keeping yourself moving and therefore sitting in front of the TV doesn't fall wisely into that particular category. Too much sofa time is a bad thing but every now and again it's much needed and can be helpful when it's cold outside and you want a few hours entertainment without too much effort. Life's all about balance after all! Besides you can always banish the backside blues brought on by too much sofa time and try sitting on the floor instead! 

Find out what I'm going on about in this post here: 3 Super Easy Fitness Tricks To Try This Weekend.

Back to the subject in hand and here are some of my favourite watches for the autumn season. If you haven't had the chance to catch these already then I'd recommend picking one to suit your unwind and relax style then just sit back and enjoy.



1. If You Liked Making A Murderer Try: THE FEAR OF 13

I don't think there are many of us left now who haven't sat back and gasped in shock, confusion and horror at the true life story portrayed in controversial documentary Making a Murderer. If you're looking for a little more true life crime, mystery and worrying miscarriage of justice then one off documentary 'The Fear of 13' is going to be for you.

Told exclusively by convicted murderer Nick Yarris who has spent 20 years on death row and who happens to be such an incredible storyteller that you have to look up the credits more than once to check he isn't an actor, this tale unravels to show that in this stranger than fiction scenario absolutely nothing is quite as it at first may seem.

Available on Netflix and Amazon.

2. For Sex And The City, Meets Bridget Jones, Meets Girls Check Out: FLEABAG

The Telegraph reviewed Fleabag as "a gloriously rude, and far funnier, update of Bridget Jones" and I think that perfectly sums up this six-part comedy written by and starring the very brilliant Pheobe Waller-Bridge.

Adapted from the award-winning one-woman show of the same name that began life at the Edinburgh Fringe and was later staged at the Soho Theatre back in 2013, this is a funny, intimate and at times eye-popping and draw-dropping portrayal a woman navigating modern life in the city. It hits you fast in the face from the very first scene and continues on a ride of delight, disgust and despair the entire way through. 

Get it on demand via BBC iPlayer.

3. Navigate The Highs And Lows, Empathise And Cringe At Modern Relationships With: LOVE

I'm a big fan of producer Judd Apatow with This is 40, Trainwreck and Pineapple Express being three of my all time faves. So when I heard that he had recently produced an original series for Netflix I was, of course, keen to check it out - and I'm glad that I did.

The TV series 'Love' is another look at the complications of modern romance, stateside this time, and is one of those series that both infuriates and makes you smile at the same time. It's an enjoyable and somewhat addictive watch as boy meets girl and they spend an awful lot of time not making things work in a kind of awkward will they won't they scenario. This subtle insight into the many complications of love and the human condition is in my book a worthy and interesting watch.

Find it on Netflix.

4. Go All Nordic Noir And Thrill Yourself With Icelandic Crime Drama: TRAPPED

I think it's all this recent talk of hygge over here in the UK (more on that here next week) that has made me want to embrace the autumnal cosiness with blankets, candles, dim lighting and snuggly socks. But what better way to take that comfortable edge off of your hoo-ga and make it more exciting, than with a little nordic noir in the form of a good old 'whodunnit and what exactly have they done?!' kind of a thriller!

Step forward Icelandic TV series Trapped. As a huge storm hits a small Icelandic town cutting them off for days from the rest of the world, a body (well part of it) is found by a trawler just along the coastline and a murder investigation begins. Time and resources are critically low as the local police try to piece together what's happened all the while with the murderer seemingly trapped in the town alongside everyone else. This is a great watch that will keep you gripped throughout. Mainly in Icelandic with English subtitles, but trust me it's all the better for it and it certainly makes you focus as you watch closely to find out just what on earth is going on.

Available on Amazon.


What have you been watching lately that you'd highly recommend? Have you seen any of the above and how would you review them? Let me know what you think and in the meantime enjoy your weekend and happy watching.



Summer Season Blog Inspiration: Three Top Picks

I love reading other blogs for ideas and inspiration or just to connect with a voice that is able to motivate or relate to myself, my life, perhaps my fears and my personal aspirations. That's the beauty of blogging, the voices that get heard in a way that they might not previously have done so and the ideas that we can find in an instant and use to explore, learn and excite in our own lives.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Whilst I know there's a lot of discussion out there in the blogging world about how much it has changed, the commercialism in some instances and the general number of us all and the wave of content coming our way, I still think that blogging is a wonderful tool both for the reader and the author. Recently I posted about cutting back and being more discerning about what I consume online, but that said (!) today I wanted to share some inspiring blogs that are currently making my personal cut. I hope they also offer something for you to enjoy as well. I've picked three of my current favourites, blogs that are bringing me ideas especially right now during the brighter summer months.



1. For staying stylishly inspired during the summer months (and all year round) I've been loving the blog Fashion Me Now by Lucy Williams. Lucy doesn't just blog about fashion, there's plenty of beauty, travel and lifestyle to feed on as well, but I do so love her style - she is a fashion editor after all. I have to admit I can often be found coveting her Instagram feed for outfit inspiration, especially if I'm about to go away somewhere as she seems to have that effortless beach chic and travel style down to an absolute t!

One of my favourite style posts of late has to be Return of the Noughties sharing some love for this forgotten fashion decade.

2. When my inner explorer is in need of new ideas both at home and away then I love to turn to A Lady In London by Julie Falconer. An award winning blog written by Julie who is originally from San Francisco but now based in London. Julie explores the world as well as her love for her new(ish) home town of London and I always enjoy her posts for the wealth of places to explore and discover. It's usually the London posts that inspire the most for me - top 10 lists of everything from beautiful museum cafes to famous and historic London toilets! 

This summer I'll certainly be looking to explore these 7 Best Summer Gardens to Discover in London.

3. When I'm feeling hungry and in need of incredible edible delights it has to be Eat Like A Girl by Niamh. The food photography on this blog will have you drooling from the outset and will inspire you to get into your kitchen and cook - or to get out and about and sample some of the delectable delights available in her favourite restaurant finds the city and far beyond. Recently Niamh has been sharing some unbelievably tasty looking BBQ recipes ready for the sunshine to make an appearance. The perfect pit stop for foodie inspiration all year round.

One thing I'll be cooking this summer is this Asparagus, Pancetta, Egg and Tomato Summer Tart.


Which blogs are you currently craving a daily dose of for finding summer motivation and inspiration? Let me in on your secret picks too and enjoy the sunshine - it's actually out here today so I'm off now to enjoy it!



Making Time For Nothing New!

It's been a little while since my last post in this series, if you missed the previous editions you can have a quick catch up here. Now today's title might seem a little odd but recently I've very specifically been making time for absolutely nothing new! Just let me explain what I mean ...

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

It's very easy these days to get caught up in a world driven by new ideas, constant hits of new and enticing content and the temptation to consume, consume, consume on each and every corner. Not only that but I also find that when you write a blog you can often feel the pressure to constantly be showcasing the newest thing and I know I've certainly fallen for that pressure in the past. Feeling I must write posts with lots of shiny new products and gadgets in it to stay on top of the game and demonstrate I'm aware of the newest trend - not that I usually am anyway! 

Now that can not only get incredibly expensive, it is also by no means a demonstration of any real meaning or connection to anything worthwhile. Plus it all gets a little stressful on the bank balance and the bulging cupboards or bookshelves hiding under the weight of all these shiny new but not exactly all that loved 'stuff.' 

Recently for me though it has been the overwhelming stream of content in my brain that I have decided to turn away from to try and find a better focus. Whilst making time for new things is amazing, making time to actually finish that book, or sit in the quiet for a moment and gather your thoughts in to one place, is incredibly important and I feel ultimately more rewarding.

So whilst I won't pretend I haven't still been getting excited by new ideas and don't still have a list as long as my arm of things I can't wait to try, share and do here on this blog and in my life in general, I've very much been focusing on finishing the task in hand first. Switching off when it all gets too much, being more careful about what I consume both in the physical sense and when it comes to what I'm allowing into my brain! When it comes to work I'm trying to live up to my post about the benefits of single-tasking and I'm also applying that in life as well.



1. Be Conscious Of What You Consume.

Here I'm really talking about two things - the physical clutter and items that we are purchasing, usually unnecessarily, and then cramming into our space when we don't really need to, as well as the online content clutter that we are overwhelming our minds with on a daily basis. I've addressed the physical before in this post about decluttering and the pain of so called 'retail therapy!'

I've seen and heard a lot in the blogosphere recently about being more intentional with who you follow and the content you are choosing to consume and I think this can be applied to all of us, blogger or otherwise. We all need to think about both how much content we let in as well as exactly what that content contains and whether or not it is helpful to us. So take some time to have a clear out of what you are exposing yourself to across social channels and other online activity. To get you started I'll turn here to some really useful tips laid out in this post: Be More Intentional With What You Consume by Jen Carrington.

2. Finish That Current Task, Project, Book etc FIRST!

You know all those half written emails, unfinished projects and other little jobs that you started but never quite finished? Those are the open ended details that can really drag us down. They keep us awake at night worrying because we know that we should have tied up some of those loose ends ages ago. Procrastinating and distractions drag us away from finishing things time and again. But at some point we have to tackle the issue. Intrigued to know why many of us find it hard to finish what we started? Take a read of this: Why You Can Never Finish Anything And How To Finally Change It via FastCompany

It can also affect our personal lives too, leading us to feel guilty about all those things we said we wanted to do, started, but never completed. When you do get some time to yourself and you want to spend it wisely, don't always turn to doing something new. Think about the things that you've already begun and find a way to focus back in on those. Go on, take that quiet time and go and finally finish that book or three that you first started reading months ago. 

3. Embrace 'La Dolce Far Niente' - The Art Of Doing Nothing!

If you've ever read the book or watched the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' then you'll likely be aware of this Italian turn of phrase. Elizabeth Gilbert is sitting in an Italian barber shop describing her guilt at having spent her first few weeks in Italy learning little Italian and eating. Yet the Italians have this beautiful phrase for the pure sweetness of doing nothing - La Dolce Far Niente. 

Whilst I hear you all roar that wouldn't it be nice if you only had the time to do nothing, there are still a few ways that you can squeeze in a little cultivation of this idea even in the busiest of days. Turning off the TV that so mindlessly robs us of our time, sitting still for a moment and connecting to yourself and disconnecting for a moment from the noise of daily life, on and offline. Just being, not doing however brief can really bring you peace and is something you should definitely give a try every now and again.


So this month I'm focusing on embracing what I already have, finishing what I've already started and taking a short moment now and again to sit in the silence and just be without picking up a magazine, a new book, my laptop, phone and all of those other distractions. Do you have any unfinished business to which you could refocus your energy and time this month? What old things can you revisit and make time for, for the rest of the month of June?



The REAL Importance Of A Good Night's Sleep


Poor sleep is something that comes to us all from time to time. Usually of course during periods of high stress whether that be something that's going on in the workplace, anxiety or concerns in our personal lives or a tricky combination of both. Today I wanted to share with you some details about sleep that I've picked up recently! Plus why it's so vitally important for our wellbeing in life and our performance at work. I'm also sharing ideas for achieving a better nights snooze as well as opening up the discussion to you the reader for any proven tricks that you might have. So let's start with a look at why sleep really is something that we all need in order to stay on track, before looking at how we can aim for a better nights rest.

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

I'll begin by saying that I'm sharing this information from the brilliant behavioural science webinar by Sarah O'Farrell at Bupa that I discussed in my post last week about checking in with your new years resolutions. Knowing how sleep has affected me and other people in my life over the years I feel this is a really important topic. So I've pulled out some specific details to share them here with you. For greater depth of information I honestly recommend watching the video - the sleep section begins at minute 32 if you wish to focus on this subject alone!


So why is sleep so vital?

Dispelling The Myth: We've all heard and probably used the phrase 'I'll sleep when I'm dead!' Something that seems to have weaved its way into our modern consciousness as if it's a good thing to thrive on little sleep. A myth that makes us believe, by keeping going and pushing ourselves to the limit, we're somehow achieving more and going to progress quicker and faster than those around us.

The truth is that only around 3% of the entire population can actually survive and perform well on very little sleep. The majority of peak performers and high achievers (CEO's, sportspeople for example) often have far more sleep than other people in order to help them continue to thrive. Apparently even as much as 9 to 10 hours a night.

If you think about it, throughout evolution every species that's ever been studied has undertaken the ritual of sleep. Yet it seems like a very counter-intuitive thing to do when you think about survival and how being asleep puts us at risk from predators - well if you're out in the wild at least! Yet sleep has remained a vital part of our wellbeing and there are many very good reasons why.


Processing Stress: When we sleep we are able to process stress without releasing any further stress hormones into our system. Hormones like cortisol play an important role in helping us to cope with stress and when we're awake we release a lot of these chemicals into the body if dealing with certain issues. Too much can have damaging effects. Sleeping enables us to work through stress in a healthier, far less toxic way.

Improved Social Interaction: Better sleep improves our relationships with those around us. When we're tired we are less able to regulate our emotions - that's why we snap far quicker and our interaction with friends, family and colleagues becomes very tense. Of course if we're well rested we interact far better with other people and thus establish stronger relationships.

Increased Memory And Better Performance: Performance is improved greatly with a good nights sleep and not just for the reasons above. When we sleep we are better able to consolidate any information that we have learnt during the day. New information moves from our short-term memory into our long-term memory, keeping it in our long-term thinking and thus improving our learning experience and overall future performance. We are also better able to link up different pieces of information as we sleep and this is incredibly beneficial for our creativity and innovation.

Physical Benefits: As if the above wasn't enough, sleeping greatly strengthens our immune, cardiovascular and metabolic systems and it slows down the ageing process - bonus!


Well isn't that just the million dollar question! 

I'm not going to pretend that there are any quick and easy fixes if you're struggling to get a good nights sleep. Stress and an overactive mind can be a real sleep sucker and hard to overcome. However here are the things that you should definitely be trying to do each day to assist in a good nights sleep. 

Exercise: It's not rocket science! Exercise helps tire you out and leads you to a better nights rest. It's best to exercise in the morning and avoid hitting the gym, or whatever your fitness regime of choice may be, at least four hours before bed. Exercise increases our adrenalin and heart-rate which isn't useful just before we try to nod off for the night!

Take Breaks, Build Rest Into Your Day: The body naturally likes to rest every 90 minutes. Pushing on with tasks that require a degree of self control for longer than that will result in us depleting important energy reserves and stressing ourselves out! Taking short breaks, building in moments of rest between tasks will avoid dipping into energy reserves that over time can be very damaging. It will also help to keep us calm, resulting in a better nights sleep at the end of the day.

Avoid Blue Light From Digital Devices: And by that I mean the light from your phone, tablet, laptop and any other sort of similar gadget. Switch off a few hours before you want to go to sleep if you really want to get a good nights rest. Blue light from these gadgets over stimulates the brain and it's incredibly hard to rest if you use them too much in the evening before bed.

Create Relaxing Evening Rituals: Before bed small rituals like making a hot drink are really useful at helping you to unwind and switch off. Action them slowly and mindfully, allowing time for the brain to settle down.

Apply These Three Rules:

COOL: Sleeping in a room that's too warm will only make you uncomfortable, keep the temperature low to avoid waking up restless from the heat. 

QUIET: Of course a noisy environment is going to keep you awake. I know it's not always possible to avoid noise, especially if you live in a city, but do what you can to eliminate any night-time noise and distractions. 

DARK: If you invest in one thing make it good, blackout blinds. Just the smallest bit of light hitting the eyes can cause you to wake before you want to. Keep things as dark as possible until you want to surface!

If You Can't Sleep Use The 20/20 Rule: If you're struggling to sleep for more than 20 minutes then get up and spend 20 minutes doing something to relax yourself. NOTHING PHONE OR GADGET RELATED! Try reading a book - but a relaxing one! Laying there beyond 20 minutes struggling to sleep will only stress you out more. So remove yourself from the situation and do something slow and gentle to try and wind down before attempting to sleep again.

So that's the facts and the advice from the webinar. For me it was very insightful so I'm intrigued to know if it has been interesting for you?

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep? What are the main things that you think keep you awake and do you have any other tips, things that work for you when trying to achieve a better nights rest?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you for reading. Here's to a healthier and happier nights sleep for us all this evening - I hope!